Texas State Championship Enduro Circuit Pre-Entry

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDatePre-Entry
9Brunes Mill Sprint EnduroColumbus, TXTrail Riders of Houston09/22/2018Pre-Entry Not Set Up
10Brunes Mill EnduroColumbus, TXTrail Riders of Houston09/23/2018Pre-Entry Not Set Up
11Boondockers Day1Sieglar Ranch, Matador TXWest Texas Boondockers10/27/2018Pre-Entry Not Set Up
12Boondockers Day 2Siegler Ranch, Matador, TXWTBD10/28/2018Pre-Entry Not Set Up
13Escondido DrawOzona, TX 12/01/2018Pre-Entry Not Set Up
14Escondido DrawOzona, TX 12/02/2018Pre-Entry Not Set Up
15Year Row ReservationTSCECTSCEC12/31/2018Pre-Entry Open

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