Texas State Championship Enduro Circuit

2018 Race Results

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDate Results
1Red CanyonParks Ranch, Fluvanna, TXPBMA01/27/2018 RESULTS
2Red CanyonParks Ranch, Fluvanna TXPBMA01/28/2018 RESULTS
3Sandwinders EnduroMcMahan Ranch, Smithville, TXAMSA02/11/2018 RESULTS
4Lonestar Enduro Day 1Glass Ranch, Kalgary, TXLubbock Trail Riders03/03/2018 RESULTS
5Lonestar Enduro Day 2Glass Ranch, Kalgary, TXLubbock Trail Riders03/04/2018 RESULTS
6Caprock Canyon Day 1Turkey, TXPost Enduro Association03/24/2018 RESULTS
7Caprock Canyon Day 2Turkey, TXPost Enduro Assiocation03/25/2018 RESULTS
8Concho EnduroBlackwell, TXRoss Creek Trail Riders04/22/2018
9Brunes Mill Sprint EnduroColumbus, TXTrail Riders of Houston09/22/2018
10Brunes Mill EnduroColumbus, TXTrail Riders of Houston09/23/2018
11Boondockers Day1Sieglar Ranch, Matador TXWest Texas Boondockers10/27/2018
12Boondockers Day 2Siegler Ranch, Matador, TXWTBD10/28/2018
13Escondido DrawOzona, TX 12/01/2018
14Escondido DrawOzona, TX 12/02/2018
15Year Row ReservationTSCECTSCEC12/31/2018

2017 Race Results

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDate Results
1Red CanyonParks Ranch, Fluvanna, TXPBMA01/29/2017 RESULTS
2Lone Star Enduro Sprint - Day 1Glass Ranch - Kalgary TXLubbock Trail Riders03/04/2017 RESULTS
3Lone Star Enduro - Day 2Glass Ranch - Kalgary TXLubbock Trail Riders03/05/2017 RESULTS
4Caprock Canyon Sprint - Day 1Turkey, TXPost Enduro Association03/25/2017 RESULTS
5Caprock Canyon Enduro - Day 2Turkey, TXPost Enduro Association03/26/2017 RESULTS
6Concho EnduroBronte, TXRoss Creek Trail Riders04/23/2017 RESULTS
7Golden Eagle - SprintStillwater, OK 05/07/2017 RESULTS
8Brunes MilllesBrunes Mill TXTrail Riders of Houston09/24/2017 RESULTS
9Zink Ranch NationalSkiatook, OKTulsa Trail Riders10/15/2017 RESULTS
10Boondockers Day 1Sieglar Ranch Matador TXWest Texas Boondockers11/04/2017 RESULTS
11Boondockers Day2Sieglar Ranch, Matador TXWest Texas Boondockers11/05/2017 RESULTS
12Red Canyon 2Fluvanna TexasPBMA12/09/2017 RESULTS
13Red Canyon 3Fluvanna TexasPBMA12/10/2017 RESULTS

2016 Race Results

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDate Results
1Brunes Mills Sprint Enduro Day1Brunes Mills Ranch, TX (North of Columbus, TX)Trail Riders of Houston09/24/2016 RESULTS
2Brunes Mills Sprint Enduro Day 2Brunes Mills Ranch, TX (North of Columbus, TX)Trail Riders of Houston09/25/2016 RESULTS
3Cross Timbers EnduroOklahoma City, Oklahoma 10/09/2016 RESULTS
4Boondockers EnduroMatador TXBoondockers11/06/2016 RESULTS
5Lubbock Trail RidersKalgery, TXLubbock Trail Riders11/20/2016 RESULTS
6Escondido Draw EnduroOzona, TX 12/11/2016 RESULTS

2015 Race Results

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDate Results
1Caney Creek EnduroNew Waverly, TXTrail Riders of Houston09/27/2015 RESULTS
2Cross Timbers EnduroOklahoma City, OKOklahoma Dirt Riders10/18/2015 RESULTS
3Boondockers Day 1Matador, TXBoondockers10/31/2015 RESULTS
4Boondockers Day 2Matador, TXBoondockers11/01/2015 RESULTS
5Indian Nation Day 1  11/14/2015 RESULTS
6Indian Nation Day 2  11/15/2015 RESULTS
7Red Canyon EnduroFluvanna, TXPBMA01/31/2016 RESULTS
8Hidden Falls EnduroHidden Falls, TXAustin Dirt Riders02/21/2016 RESULTS
9Lubbock Trail Riders Day 1Kalgary, TXLubbock Trail Riders03/05/2016 RESULTS
10Lubbock Trail Rider Day 2Kalgary, TXLubbock Trail Riders03/06/2016 RESULTS
11Caprock Canyon EnduroTurkey, TXPost Enduro Assocation03/20/2016 RESULTS
12Concho EnduroBlackwell, TXRoss Creek Trail Riders04/10/2016 RESULTS

2014 Race Results

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDate Results
1Hidden Falls EnduroMarble Falls, TX 09/28/2014 RESULTS
2West Texas Boodockers EnduroMatador, TXWest Texs Boon Dockers10/26/2014 RESULTS
3Red Canyon Enduro -SATFluvanna, TXPBMA11/08/2014 RESULTS
4Red Canyon Enduro - SUNFluvanna, TXPBMA11/09/2014 RESULTS
5Escondido Draw EnduroOzona, TX 11/23/2014 RESULTS
6Barteau Ranch EnduroCallisburg, TXRED RIVER DIRT RIDERS12/07/2014 RESULTS
7Lone Star Enduro - SatKalgary, TXLubbock Trail Riders02/21/2015 RESULTS
8Lone Star Enduro - SUNKalgary, TXLubbock Trail Riders02/22/2015 RESULTS
9Caprock Canyon EnduroTurkey, TXPost Enduro Assocation03/08/2015 RESULTS
11Concho EnduroBlackwell, TXRoss Creek Trail Riders04/12/2015 RESULTS
12Caney Creek EnduroNew Waverly, TX 04/26/2015

2013 Race Results

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDate Results
1Cycleland EnduroNacogdoches, TXCycleland Family Park01/27/2013 RESULTS
4Lone Star Enduro SATURDAYKalgary, TXLubbock Trail Riders02/23/2013 RESULTS
5Lone Star Enduro SUNDAYKalgary, TXLubbock Trail Riders02/24/2013 RESULTS
6Caprock Canyon EnduroQuitaque, TXPost Enduro Association03/10/2013 RESULTS
7Concho NATIONAL EnduroSIGN-UP AT >>>>>>>>>http://www.moto-tally.com/NEPG/PreEntry.aspx03/24/2013 RESULTS
8Cajun Classic NATIONAL EnduroForest Hill, LAAcadiana Dirt Riders04/14/2013 RESULTS
9Gator BaitAltair, TXTrail Riders of Houston04/28/2013 RESULTS
10Great Piney Woods EnduroCravens, LALouisiana Trail Riders05/05/2013 RESULTS
11Crosstimbers NATIONAL EnduroOklahome City, OKOklahoma Dirt Riders10/20/2013 RESULTS
12Boondockers Enduro SATURDAYMatador, TXWest Texas Boondockers10/26/2013 RESULTS
13Boodockers Enduro SUNDAYMatador, TXWest Texas Boondockers10/27/2013 RESULTS
14Iron Ore EnduroGilmer, TX 11/10/2013 RESULTS
18Lone Star Enduro SATURDAY 2014Kalgary, TXLubbock Trail Riders02/22/2014 RESULTS
19Lone Star Enduro SUNDAY 2014Kalgary, TXLubbock Trail Riders02/23/2014 RESULTS
20Caprock Enduro 2014Quitaque, TXPost Enduro Association03/09/2014 RESULTS
21Concho Enduro 2014Blackwell, TXRoss Creek Trail Riders03/23/2014 RESULTS
22Cajun Classic Enduro 2014Forest Hill, LAAcadiana Dirt Riders04/06/2014 RESULTS
23TRH 2014Altair, TXTrail Riders of Houston04/27/2014 RESULTS
24Great Piney Woods Enduro 2014Cravens, LALouisiana Trial Riders05/04/2014 RESULTS

2012 Race Results

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDate Results
1Cycleland EnduroNacogdoches, TXCycleland Family Park01/15/2012 RESULTS
3Lone Star EnduroKalgary, TXLubbock Trail Riders02/12/2012 RESULTS
4Caprock Canyon EnduroQuitaque, TXPost Enduro Association03/11/2012 RESULTS
5Concho EnduroBlackwell, TXRoss Creek Trail Riders03/25/2012 RESULTS
6Great Piney Woods EnduroCravens, LALouisiana Trail Riders04/01/2012 RESULTS
7Gator Bait Enduro SATURDAYColumbus, TXTrail Riders of Houston04/21/2012 RESULTS
8Gator Bait Enduro SUNDAYColumbus, TXTrail Riders of Houston04/22/2012 RESULTS
9Cajun Classic EnduroForest Hill, LAAcadiana Dirt Riders05/06/2012 RESULTS
11Spanish Peaks EnduroTrinidad, COFrame Twisters10/07/2012 RESULTS
12Crosstimbers EnduroOklahome City, OKOklahoma Dirt Riders10/14/2012 RESULTS
13Boondockers Enduro SATURDAYMatador, TXWest Texas Boondockers10/27/2012 RESULTS
14Boodockers Enduro SUNDAYMatador, TXWest Texas Boondockers10/28/2012 RESULTS
15Red River EnduroBulcher, TXRed River Dirt Riders11/11/2012 RESULTS
16Escondido Draw EnduroOzona, TX 12/09/2012 RESULTS

2011 Race Results

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDate Results
1Cycleland EnduroNacogdoches, TXCycleland Family Park01/30/2011 RESULTS
2Enduro at Barnwell MountainGilmer, TXRow One Riders02/13/2011 RESULTS
3Concho EnduroBlackwell, TXRoss Creek Trail Riders02/27/2011 RESULTS
4Caprock Canyon EnduroQuitaque, TXPost Enduro Association03/13/2011 RESULTS
5Cajun Classic National EnduroForest Hill, LAAcadiana Dirt Riders03/20/2011 RESULTS
6Lone Star National EnduroKalgary, TXLubbock Trail Riders04/03/2011 RESULTS
7TRIC EnduroBulcher, TXTRIC & RRDR04/17/2011 RESULTS
8Great Piney Woods EnduroCravens, LALouisiana Trail Riders05/15/2011 RESULTS
9Train Robbers National EnduroBismarck, ARArkansas Dirt Riders05/22/2011 RESULTS
11Caney Creek EnduroNew Waverly, TXTrail Riders of Houston09/25/2011 RESULTS
13Crosstimbers EnduroOKCOklahoma Dirt Riders10/23/2011 RESULTS
14Red River EnduroBulcher, TXRed River Dirt Riders11/13/2011 RESULTS

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