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2022 Membership Registration

Message from Series: 

By submitting this Registration Form, the Rider (or in the case of a minor, his/her parent or legal guardian) waives all rights and titles to any legal claim arising from accident or damage caused in conjunction with his/her participation in the Event(s) against:
1. AMRA and the Organizing Club. ("Organizer") and its affiliates, sponsors and related companies, their Presidents, directors, members, employees and officials;
2. Organizer and its representatives, stewards and assistants, sponsors, advertisers, subcontracted companies;
3. The owner(s) of the property used for the Event(s), including structures and installation of the race course used for the Event(s), his representatives and assistants;
4. The other participants (rider and team) and their attendants as well as against his/their own assistants in so far as a race or special test(s) for attaining high speeds or best times are concerned;
5. Authorities, race services and any other organizations or corporate or natural bodies involved in the organization of the Event(s).

The Rider accepts the conditions above and commits himself/herself to comply strictly with them. Moreover, the Rider accepts that if his/her health is affected in such a manner that his/her fitness for continuing in the Event(s) has been put in question, regarding the safety risk also affecting third parties, he/she releases all medical providers in attendance from their obligation of professional privacy/secrecy towards Organizer and towards the officials carrying responsibility of the Event(s) (Paramedics, Event Director, Trail Boss, respectively).

By submitting this Registration Form the Rider (or in the case of a minor, his/her parent or legal guardian) declares and recognizes that he/she takes part in the Event(s) referred to in this Registration Form at his/her own risk. He/she bears the sole responsibility regarding applicable civil and penal laws and regulations for any and all damages caused by him/her or by his/her motorcycle arising from participation in the Event(s). If the rider himself/herself is not the owner of the motorcycle used in the Event(s), he/she releases all those persons listed in the preceding paragraph (Liability Waiver) from all the claims which could be filed by the owner of the motorcycle.

By submitting the Registration Form, the Rider (or in the case of a minor, his/her parent or legal guardian) acknowledges and confirms that AMRA Racing, like all motorsports, can be dangerous. The Rider further acknowledges and confirms that the Organizer does not provide Rider Medical Insurance, and urges the Rider not to participate without it. The Rider certifies the information provided by him/her through this entry form. He/she declares knowing the content of the AMRA Racing Rules and the AMA Amateur Racing Rules, and the specific terms and conditions set forth on this entry form, and commits himself/herself to accept them and to comply with the directives and instructions of Organizer and the officials.

By submitting this Registration Form, the Rider (or in the case of a minor, his/her parent or legal guardian):
• Agrees that Organizer and its affiliates and designees shall have the right, in perpetuity throughout the world, to use the name, likeness and/or biography of the Rider in connection with the Event(s) in all advertising and promotion of Organizer and/or any motorsports event or exhibition produced, presented or promoted by Organizer;
• Grants to Organizer and its designees, in perpetuity and throughout the world, and without further compensation or consideration and the exclusive right to photographs;
• (i) The Rider's name and performance in the Event(s) (and/or any personal interviews granted by him and his activities in preparation for the Event(s);

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