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Quick Overview

MotoTally is a complete solution for scoring off road motorcycle events. It was designed from the ground up to help you score your race quickly and accurately, AND get your results and points on the web. We live in a world where information is instantly available, why should your race results be any different?

Whether you are a local club that puts on one race a year or a big series that sanctions 20 races a year, MotoTally is your fit! With the limited help we all face as race promoters and sanctioning bodies, you need a solution that is easy to implement, use, and maintain.

Scores any of these types of motorcycle events:

  • Timekeeping Enduro
  • Qualifier Style Enduro
  • Restart Format Enduro (AMA Natl Rules)
  • ISDE / ISDT / FIM Enduro Format
  • Hare Scramble / Cross Country / Desert Scramble
  • Gran Prix
  • Hare & Hound
  • Several Desert Racing formats
Here are just a few of the benefits that can be realized by everyone involved:

For the club/race promotor:

  • Organized and streamlined signup process
  • AMA sanctioned? Swipe their AMA card for almost NO data entry at signup
  • Flexible race structuring for each event
  • Flexible class and overall structuring
  • Flexible data entry (either manual OR with the help of Barcodes or RFID/Transponders)
  • Quickly check and reconcile race data (scorecards or lap times)
  • Print class results and/or overall results reports for posting at the race
  • Fully integrated Live Online Results (with internet connection at race site)
  • Need to throw out a check? A couple of mouse clicks and reprint
  • Need to report the results to the AMA or your sanctioning body? One click DONE!
  • Need to post your results on the web? Just upload the database. DONE!
  • Online event pre-entry gets your rider's signed up before they arrive

For the Circuit/Series/Sanctioning Body:

  • One central database holds all of your riders/members information WITH yearly history
  • No more results spreadsheets or reports from your clubs in various different formats
  • Two mouse clicks will calculate and update all of your yearly points standings
  • Online Series Registration allows you to collect rider info to start your season. Collect a membership fee, allow bike number requests for the new year, or even just allow a rider to update their own information.
  • Support for work averages and work bonuses
  • Support for multiple points structures for different classes and overalls
  • Support for drops
  • Fully integrated Live Online Results (with internet connection at race site)
  • Update your results and standings on the web, just by uploading the database (with an internet connection at the race site, there is no reason you can’t have results and standings updated on the web before the trophies are all handed out)
  • Provide reports to co-sanctioning bodies or the AMA

For the RIDER:

  • Events are scored much faster and far more accurately
  • Using MotoTally ScoreBoard, you can see results on a big screen while you are waiting for the official printed results
  • Fully integrated Live Online Results (with internet connection at race site)
  • Results AND Standings can be posted on the web before you even get home, rather than days or weeks later
  • Interactive results on the web let you analyze every lap time or checkpoint score in detail
  • Online series registration and event pre-entry eliminates filling out fliers and licking stamps
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