AMA District 6 Hare Scrambles

2018 Race Results

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDate Results
1Evansville YouthBerwick 03/24/2018 RESULTS
2Evansville AdultBerwick 03/25/2018 RESULTS
3Big DiamondPottsville 04/15/2018 RESULTS
4Pine Grove YouthPine Grove 04/28/2018 RESULTS
5Pine Grove AdultPine Grove 04/29/2018 RESULTS
6Blue Comet BikeSchwenksville 05/05/2018 RESULTS
7Blue Mountain YouthPalmerton 05/12/2018 RESULTS
8Blue Mountain AdultPalmerton 05/13/2018 RESULTS
9South Penn Youth BikeFrackvilleSPER05/19/2018 RESULTS
10South Penn Adult BikeFrackvilleSPER05/20/2018 RESULTS
11Green Marble Youth BikeThree SpringsGMER06/02/2018 RESULTS
12Green Marble Adult BikeThree SpringsGMER06/03/2018 RESULTS
13EvansvilleBerwick 06/10/2018 RESULTS
14Rorr Youth BikeTamaquaRORR06/16/2018 RESULTS
15Rorr Adult BikeTamaquaRORR06/17/2018 RESULTS
16Dark WaterPottsville 07/08/2018 RESULTS
17EvansvilleBerwick 07/22/2018 RESULTS
18Hurricane HillsGreenfield Twp. 08/05/2018 RESULTS
20Reading Anthracite  09/09/2018 RESULTS
21Blue Comet BikeSchwenksvilleBlue Comet09/29/2018 RESULTS
22Evansville IronmanBerwick 10/14/2018 RESULTS
23Bushkill Valley Youth BikeBethlehemBushkill Valley10/27/2018 RESULTS
24Bushkill Valley Adult BikeBethlehemBushkill Valley10/28/2018 RESULTS
25Pine GrovePine Grove 11/04/2018 RESULTS
26Field Of Dreams YouthMillville, NJ 11/10/2018 RESULTS
27Field Of Dreams AdultMillville, NJ 11/11/2018 RESULTS
28HangoverBudds Creek Motorcross Parktrailpros01/05/2019

2017 Race Results

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDate Results
1Big Diamond Speedway  04/09/2017 RESULTS
2Evansville  04/15/2017 RESULTS
3Blue Comet Bikes  04/29/2017 RESULTS
4Blue Mountain Ski Youth  05/13/2017 RESULTS
5Blue Mountain Ski Adult  05/14/2017 RESULTS
6South Penn Youth Bikes  05/20/2017 RESULTS
7South Penn Adult Bikes  05/21/2017 RESULTS
8Green Marble Youth  06/03/2017 RESULTS
9Green Marble Adult  06/04/2017 RESULTS
10RORR Youth Bikes  06/17/2017 RESULTS
11RORR Adult Bikes  06/18/2017 RESULTS
12Evansville  07/09/2017 RESULTS
13Valley Forge Trail Youth Bikes  07/15/2017 RESULTS
14Valley Forge Trail Adult Bikes  07/16/2017 RESULTS
17Huricane Hillls  08/06/2017 RESULTS
18Back Mountain  08/27/2017 RESULTS
19Gotham MX  09/03/2017 RESULTS
20Evansville Ironman  09/24/2017 RESULTS
21Blue Comet Bikes  09/30/2017 RESULTS
22Adams Farm  10/08/2017 RESULTS
23Bushkill Valley Bikes  10/15/2017 RESULTS
24Broome Tioga  11/05/2017 RESULTS
25Green Marble Youth Quads  06/03/2017 RESULTS
26Green Marble Adult Quads  06/04/2017 RESULTS

2016 Race Results

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDate Results
1Evansville  03/26/2016 RESULTS
2Evansville  04/10/2016 RESULTS
3Hurricane Hills Youth  05/07/2016 RESULTS
4Hurricane Hills Adults  05/08/2016 RESULTS
5Blue Comet(Bikes Only)  05/14/2016 RESULTS
6South Penn Youth Bikes  05/21/2016 RESULTS
7South Penn Adult Bikes  05/22/2016 RESULTS
8Green Marble Youth Bikes  06/04/2016 RESULTS
9Green Marble Adult Bikes  06/05/2016 RESULTS
10Reading Off Road Youth Bikes  06/18/2016 RESULTS
11Reading Off Road Adult Bikes  06/19/2016 RESULTS
12Evansville  07/10/2016 RESULTS
13Valley Forge Trail Youth Bikes  07/16/2016 RESULTS
14Valley Forge Trail Adult Bikes  07/17/2016 RESULTS
15High Mountain Youth Bikes  07/30/2016 RESULTS
16High Mountain Adult Bikes  07/31/2016 RESULTS
17Hurricane Hills  08/07/2016 RESULTS
18Back Mountain  08/28/2016 RESULTS
19Blue Comet(Bikes Only)  10/01/2016 RESULTS
20Evansville Ironman  10/09/2016 RESULTS
21Bushkill Valley (Bikes Only)  10/16/2016 RESULTS

2015 Race Results

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDate Results
1Evansville  03/22/2015 RESULTS
2Evansville  04/19/2015 RESULTS
3Blue Comet(Bikes Only)  05/02/2015 RESULTS
4Hurricane By EvansvilleHurricane Hills 05/03/2015 RESULTS
5South Penn(Bikes Only) South Penn Enduro Riders05/30/2015 RESULTS
6Green Marble(Bikes Only) Green Marble Enduro Riders06/06/2015 RESULTS
7RORR(Bikes Only) Reading Off Road Riders06/20/2015 RESULTS
8Irish Valley(Bikes Only)Irish ValleyEvansville06/28/2015 RESULTS
9Evansville National  07/11/2015 RESULTS
10Evansville National AdultsEvansville 07/12/2015 RESULTS
11Valley Forge National (Bikes Only) VFTR07/18/2015 RESULTS
12High Mtn. National(Bikes Only) HMDR08/01/2015 RESULTS
13Back Mountain  08/16/2015 RESULTS
14Green Marble Green Marble Enduro Riders09/05/2015 RESULTS
15Evansville Ironman  10/11/2015 RESULTS
16Bushkill Valley(Bikes Only)  10/18/2015 RESULTS
17Blue Comet(Bikes Only)  10/24/2015 RESULTS
18Irish Valley By EvansvilleIrish ValleyEvansville11/01/2015 RESULTS
106SPER YOUTH  05/30/2015 RESULTS
107GMER YOUTH  06/06/2015 RESULTS
108RORR Youth  06/20/2015 RESULTS
109VFTR Youth  07/18/2015 RESULTS
110HMDR Youth  08/01/2015 RESULTS
111HELL RACEEvansville 11/08/2015 RESULTS

2014 Race Results

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDate Results
1Evansville 1  03/23/2014 RESULTS
2Evansville 2  04/06/2014 RESULTS
3BP @ Path Valley  04/13/2014 RESULTS
4Blue Comet 1  07/26/2014 RESULTS
6Back Mountain 1  06/29/2014 RESULTS
7Evansville AMA National  06/15/2014 RESULTS
8RORR  06/22/2014 RESULTS
9VFTR  07/20/2014 RESULTS
10High Mountain  08/03/2014 RESULTS
11Back Mountain 2  08/24/2014 RESULTS
12BP @ Evansville  09/21/2014 RESULTS
13Evansville Ironman  10/18/2014 RESULTS
14Blue Comet 2  10/25/2014 RESULTS
15Evansville 3  11/09/2014 RESULTS

2013 Race Results

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDate Results
1Hurricane Hills  04/07/2012 RESULTS
2Hurricane HillsHurricane Hills 04/21/2013 RESULTS
3BMER  08/25/2013 RESULTS
4Hurricane HillsHurricane Hillsn 09/29/2013 RESULTS

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