ECEA Hare Scrambles

ECEA Hare Scrambles

2022 Membership Registration

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ADULT Hare Scramble Number Registration System

PLEASE READ Carefully, be Patient as THIS process is NOT Instant and can take up to 24hrs.

You NEED a Yearly Number or a DAY Pass Number to PRE ENTER or Sign UP for an ECEA Hare Scramble.
RIDERS Racing for Year End Banquet Points need to be either in a ECEA CLUB or purchase an Associate Number per ECEA Rules. C Riders do not need to be in a Club.

NUMBER REQUESTS ARE NOW CLOSED. If a Renewed number is available then it will be assigned otherwise the next open number will be used

Search for your Last Name First, if you are found click the ADD next to your name...
IF your are NEW and not found then select Add New Rider.

Verify, update Your INFO

Select Class, Bike Brand,. NEXT is the PROMO CODE
Leave Blank for a Regular Yearly Number $35
Enter the word DAY for a One Race DAY NUMBER Pass $10
Enter the word ASSOCIATE if you want to be an Associate Rider in lieu of a club $70.

NEXT use the PAYNOW button at bottom.

Rider Search
Use any combination of the following search terms to find a rider:
Tip: Try just the first few letters of your first and last name.
AMA# First Name: Last Name:

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