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2020 Dayton Enduro Day 1

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Overall A - Check-by-Check Score by Place
AMA#RowRider NameBrandClass






161306815AMatt McdonaldKTMAA06:2707:2607:530721:46
2220117919ALucas HolBTAAA06:0007:4008:590722:39
334499218ACraig HolasekKTMAA07:0308:2509:040724:32
469280320AChristopher HuffmanKTMAA06:5208:1209:430724:47
5108902227BBrady PetersonKTMA07:0808:00010:090725:17
620982438ABrad SwailesA08:0009:0409:520726:56
7288377612DMarshal McfarlandKTMA09:1709:4009:540728:51
85997585ANathan ZambonKAWVet A09:4309:33010:130729:29
94509093AEric CoulterKTMVet A09:3009:27010:390729:36
1085763527AMax NeuKTMA07:47010:45011:430730:15
115524679DKevin HansenKTMSen A08:5009:29012:100730:29
12109870821AJoseph GothYAMAA09:17010:28011:080730:53
1352802415DNicholas NenowHONSen A09:32010:14011:080730:54
14229472228DJoe WindleSHRVet A08:2809:47012:530731:08
15275480124AWill HolasekKTMSen A09:17010:28011:270731:12
16301287319CReilly FlaigYAMA09:16010:00012:250731:41
17323035410DRyan FleckKTMA010:2409:40011:430731:47
1823041515BMitch SheetsKTMVet A09:34011:19011:040731:57
19361569A9BTug DenotterKTMVet A010:12010:12011:470732:11
204129219CGary BarberKTMSup Sen A010:52010:17011:480732:57
216219143CDennis MurphyKTMSup Sen A09:50010:47012:320733:09
22222610522BCraig HolBTASen A09:58011:07012:590734:04
2375417821BJason GothYAMSen A09:15012:30012:230734:08
2423772888CJeff PezzettiBTASen A010:24111:45011:300734:39
25237728714DChuck NeavinKTMSup Sen A010:36011:48012:430735:07
2670789610AScott FleckKTMSup Sen A011:20011:32013:500736:42
2769450129DMax SharpKTMVet A010:38011:39014:370736:54
28207197716DDarron RoheKTMSen A011:03012:17013:470737:07
2997232214BRandy ImholteKTMA016:00010:19011:370737:56
3026658336AEthan RothHONVet A012:14013:13013:430739:10
3132876518DMark GregorKTMSup Sen A011:21013:42016:200741:23
3262231512CJesse CameronYAMSen A014:27015:37013:300743:34
331954901AMike SpencerKTMSen A011:33011:36020:250743:34
3465724329ARooney SooleYAMSup Sen A09:38018:43016:370744:58
35101268513BNicolas MillerKTMSen A014:28013:54019:570748:19
369237094BMichael HeuerKTMSen A2640:402640:162641:182673:46:14
DNF269013211APeter NickelHUSAA00:00

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