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2017 Race Results

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDate Results
1Lazy B RanchKentwood, LA 01/29/2017 RESULTS
2Piney Woods ShowdownCastor, LA 03/05/2017 RESULTS
3Dirt DisciplesGillsburg, MS 04/02/2017 RESULTS
4Spring Creek MXKentwood, LA 04/23/2017 RESULTS
5Huff Bend Highland RunColumbia, LA 05/07/2017 RESULTS
6Leesville Motorsports ParkLeesville, LA 05/28/2017 RESULTS
7Springhill PlantationWilson, LA 08/20/2017 RESULTS
8Copenhagan Hills-n-ThrillsColumbia, LA 09/17/2017 RESULTS
9The Pete CooperSicily Island, LA 10/01/2017 RESULTS
10The Driving RangeNew Llano, LA 10/29/2017 RESULTS
11Van Way Moto Playground Mini ATVCarencro, LA 07/15/2017 RESULTS
12Van Way Moto Playground Main ATVCarencro, LA 07/15/2017 RESULTS
13Van Way Moto Playground PEEWEECarencro, LA 07/16/2017 RESULTS
14Van Way Moto Playground Main BikeCarencro, LA 07/16/2017 RESULTS

2016 Race Results

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDate Results
1Lazy B RanchKentwood, LA 01/31/2016 RESULTS
2The Pete CooperSicily Island, LA 02/28/2016 RESULTS
3Piney Woods ShowdownCastor, LA 04/03/2016 RESULTS
4Dirt DisciplesGillsburg, MS 04/17/2016 RESULTS
5Huff Bend Highland RunColumbia, LA 06/26/2016 RESULTS
6Springhill PlantationWilson, LA 08/21/2016 RESULTS
7Copenhagan Hills-n-ThrillsColumbia, LA 09/11/2016 RESULTS
8Spring Creek MXKentwood, LA 09/25/2016 RESULTS
9Leesville Motorsports ParkLeesville, LA 10/18/2016 RESULTS
10The Driving RangeNew Llano, LA 10/30/2016 RESULTS
21Dirt DisciplesGillsburg, MS 07/24/2016
22Dirt DisciplesGillsburg, MS 07/23/2016 RESULTS
23Dirt DisciplesGillsburg, MS 07/24/2016 RESULTS

2015 Race Results

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDate Results
1New Talent Generation MXKentwood, LA 02/01/2015 RESULTS
2The AgitatorCoushatta, LA 03/08/2015 RESULTS
3The Jim BowieSicily Island, LA 03/29/2015 RESULTS
4Angola Bike RodeoAngola, LA 04/26/2015 RESULTS
5Copenhagen Hills-n-ThrillsColumbia, LA 05/17/2015 RESULTS
6Copenhagen IIColumbia, LA 08/23/2015 RESULTS
7Springhill PlantationWilson, LA 09/13/2015 RESULTS
8Dirt DisiplesGillsburg, MS 09/27/2015 RESULTS
9Piney Woods ShowdownCastor, LA 10/18/2015 RESULTS
10Van Way MotoplaygroundCarencro, LA 11/01/2015 RESULTS
21Angola Bike Rodeo - KidsAngola, LA 07/11/2015 RESULTS
22Angola Bike Rodeo - ATV TeamAngola, LA 07/11/2015 RESULTS
23Angola Bike Rodeo - Bike TeamAngola, LA 07/12/2015 RESULTS

2014 Race Results

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDate Results
1Piney Woods ShowdownCastor, LA 02/02/2014 RESULTS
2Spring Creek MXKentwood, LA 02/23/2014 RESULTS
3The Jim BowieSicily Island, LA 05/18/2014 RESULTS
4Angola Bike RodeoAngola, LA 04/13/2014 RESULTS
5JPR InvitationalJonesboro, LA 04/27/2014 RESULTS
6Springhill PlantationWilson, LA 08/24/2014 RESULTS
7Hall Summit ShootoutHall Summit 09/14/2014 RESULTS
8Van Way MotoplaygroundCarencro, LA 10/05/2014 RESULTS
9New Talent Generation MXKentwood, LA 10/26/2014 RESULTS
10Desoto Motorsport ParkGrand Cane, LA 11/09/2014 RESULTS
21Summer Kids 1Gillsburg, MS 06/01/2014 RESULTS
22Summer Team 1Gillsburg, MS 06/01/2014 RESULTS
23Summer Kids 2Carencro, LA 07/20/2014 RESULTS
24Summer Team 2Carencro, LA 07/20/2014 RESULTS

2013 Race Results

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDate Results
1Spring Creek MXKentwood, LAMTA, Fly Racing, BelRay Oils03/03/2013 RESULTS
2Angola Bike RodeoAngola, LATransmissions, Inc., Chiropractic Spine and Sports03/17/2013 RESULTS
3Van Way Moto PlaygroundCarencro, LAViator Performance, Honda of Lafayette , Chuck's04/21/2013 RESULTS
4The Jim BowieDubach, LAEnduro Engineering, Southern Trophy, Rekluse05/19/2013 RESULTS
5Hall Summit ShootoutHall Summit, LARide PG, IMS, ProCircuit06/02/2013 RESULTS
6Spring Hill PlantationWilson, LATERRATRAX, Performance Powersports08/25/2013 RESULTS
7The Jim Bowie IISicily Island, LADirtWise, Bridgestone, Renthal09/08/2013 RESULTS
8JPR InvitationalJonesboro, LASTI wheels and Tires, EKS Brand Goggles09/29/2013 RESULTS
9New Talent Generation MXKentwood, LAHelix Products, Honda, DID Chains and Sprockets10/27/2013 RESULTS
10Piney Woods ShowdownCastor, LAKTM, Husqvarna11/11/2013 RESULTS

2012 Race Results

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDate Results
1Leesville Motorsports ParkLeesville, LAMTA, FilterSolution, GasGas02/12/2012 RESULTS
2The Big 8Dubach, LASpectro Oils, Transmissions, Inc.04/29/2012 RESULTS
3Angola Bike RodeoAngola, LASouthern Trophy, Chiropractic Spine & Sports05/20/2012 RESULTS
4Van Way Moto PlaygroundCarencro, LAHonda of Lafayette, Performance Cycles05/27/2012 RESULTS
5Juderman's ParkPineville, LATeam 3/4, Enduro Engineering06/24/2012 RESULTS
6Spring Hill PlantationWilson, LAEvangeline Specialties, APICCS.com09/16/2012 RESULTS
7The Jim Bowie IISicily Island, LAMoose Racing, RidePG.com09/30/2012 RESULTS
8Van Way Moto Playground 2Carencro, LADeb's Prints, KTM, OutOfBoundFilms12/09/2012 RESULTS
9Altazin AcresWilson, LADirtWise, SideLineFilms, Bayou Fab10/28/2012 RESULTS
10Desoto Motorsport ParkMansfield, LAHonda, Bayou Suspension, MXPrints, Husqvarna11/11/2012 RESULTS

2011 Race Results

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDate Results
1Leesville Motorsports ParkLeesville, LAMTA, GasGas, and FilterSolution.com02/27/2011 RESULTS
2Van Way Moto PlaygroundCarencro, LAPierce & Shows Attorneys and Spectro04/03/2011 RESULTS
3Juderman's ParkPineville, LATeam 3/4 and KTM04/10/2011 RESULTS
4The Big 8Dubach, LAMike's Outdoor and Southern Trophy05/01/2011 RESULTS
5The Jim BowieSicily Island, LAWoods Tank and Wallis Wood Works06/12/2011 RESULTS
6Spring Hill PlantationWilson, LAEnduro Engr and Bayou Suspension08/28/2011 RESULTS
7The Jim Bowie IISicily Island, LAFair's Diesel Service and Moose Racing09/11/2011 RESULTS
8Don Burgess MemorialLoranger, LAEvangeline Specialties and RidePG.com10/02/2011 RESULTS
9Hall's Hazzard CountyEthel, LAMXPrints.com, DirtWise, and OutOfBoundFilms.com10/30/2011 RESULTS
10Desoto Motorsports ParkMansfield, LASideLineFilms and Honda11/13/2011 RESULTS

2010 Race Results

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDate Results
1Cypress Creek MXPlain Dealing, LAAPI Control System Solutions and Debsprints.com02/28/2010 RESULTS
2Leesville Motorsports ParkLeesville, LAEnduro Engineering and Filter Solution03/14/2010 RESULTS
3Defying GravityGeismar, LAPierce & Shows Attorneys and Moose Racing03/28/2010 RESULTS
4The Big 8Dubach, LAWoods Tank and RidePG.com05/23/2010 RESULTS
5The Farm Country ClassicFort Necessity, LABMW/Husky and Bayou Suspension05/30/2010 RESULTS
6Spring Hill PlantationWilson, LAKTM and Chuck's Used Appliance08/29/2010 RESULTS
7Desoto Motorsport ParkMansfield, LAHonda of Lafayette and MXprints.com09/19/2010 RESULTS
8Don Burgess MemorialLoranger, LAPerformance Cycles and Open Throttle10/10/2010 RESULTS
9Hall's Hazzard CountyEthel, LAAdrenaline M.Sports and Team 3/410/31/2010 RESULTS
10The Jim BowieSicily Island, LACornerstone Glass and Evangeline Specialties11/14/2010 RESULTS

2009 Race Results

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDate Results
1225 X-treme Motorsports ParkGeismar 02/15/2009 RESULTS
2The Jim BowieSicily Island 05/10/2009 RESULTS
3The Farm Country ClassicFort Necessity 06/21/2009 RESULTS
4Cypress Creek MXPlain Dealing 07/12/2009 RESULTS
5Spring Hill PlantationWilson 07/26/2009 RESULTS
6Leesville Motorsports ParkLeesville 09/20/2009 RESULTS
7Competition Cycle RanchHammond 10/04/2009 RESULTS
8Desoto Motorsports ParkMansfield 10/11/2009 RESULTS
9Hall's Hazzard CountyEthel 10/18/2009 RESULTS
10Leesville Motorsports Park IILeesville 11/08/2009 RESULTS

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