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2018 Bike# Request

Message from Series: 

Welcome to the MDR series registration.

Manitoba Dirt Riders is going back to a single bike number policy via direction from the membership at the Annual General Meeting of 2014.

No duplicate bike numbers will be allowed to register for the season. This was the intent since the club started in 2009 and will continue to be the policy. This is necessary to assist in streamlining the manual scoring backup, as well, to help prevent bike number duplication/conflict for race results and during class movement of riders.

Bike numbers will be awarded on a pure seniority basis with the individual holding that number the longest being able to retain their bike number.

Failure to register for past season will forfeit your bike number.

When registering please include 3 bike number choices.

Any bike number duplication will be investigated by the board and awarded via the seniority policy.

Allowable bike numbers will range from 1-21, 23-599 and 651-999. Numbers 600-650 will be reserved for MDR temporary number plates.

Number 22 has been permanently retired in honor of Jonah Crookes.

If you register on race day and your bike number is already registered to a rider there will be two options:

- Pick a new number that is not registered to a rider.

- Affix a temporary plate provided my MDR to the front of your bike with a number from the reserved pool of temporary numbers.

There are a few duplicate bike numbers in the system currently. The MDR board will determine which rider will carry the contested bike number via the pure seniority system.

Bike brands - if you don't see your brand listed don't worry we can always get it added later, don't let it hold up your registration!

The MDR Board

Enter 12345 for the ZIP code.

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