Oklahoma Hare Scramble Championship Series

2017 Race Results

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDate Results
1MPHGuthrieAJAX, Stillwater Powersports,KTM03/19/2017 RESULTS
2The DeadwoodBristow, OKHonda of Tulsa, KTM, TBT Racing04/09/2017 RESULTS
3DiscoverylandSand Springs,OKTeam Autism, 100%, MSR06/04/2017 RESULTS
4Indian Nations HarescrambleScipio,OKTulsa Trailriders, KTM, Enduro Engineering05/21/2017 RESULTS
5Deadwood IIMannford,OKEVS, Mika Metals, Maxima, Dicks Window Tinting08/27/2017 RESULTS
6Wolfs DenBristow,OKTBT Racing, Stillwater Powersports, KTM09/10/2017 RESULTS
7111 RanchMaramec,OKKTM,EVS, Clarke, 3B Graphics09/24/2017 RESULTS
8CrosstimbersOKCDunlop,Enduro Engineering,KTM10/08/2017 RESULTS
9Stillwater 500Stillwater,OKKTM, Marshalls Racing,Stillwater Powersports10/22/2017 RESULTS

2016 Race Results

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDate Results
1Wolf's DenBristow,OKTBT Racing03/20/2016 RESULTS
2Williams RanchSkiatook, OKHonda of Tulsa04/10/2016 RESULTS
3Cedar Valley Offroad ParkJennings,OKK&N Yamaha, 100%, MSR05/22/2016 RESULTS
4Collins RanchHitchita,OKPro Taper, Dirt Tricks,06/05/2016 RESULTS
5Wolfs Den IIBristow,OKTBT Racing, Stillwater Powersports09/11/2016 RESULTS
6ScipioLamar,OKTTR, TBT Racing, Stillwater Powersports09/25/2016 RESULTS
7DiscoverylandSand Springs,OKOHSCS10/16/2016 RESULTS
8111 RanchMeramec,OK111 Ranch, Dunlop, 3B Graphics10/30/2016 RESULTS
9Stillwater 500Stillwater, OKStillwater Trailriders, Marshalls Racing11/20/2016 RESULTS

2015 Race Results

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDate Results
1Wolfs DenBristow,OKTBT Racing03/08/2015 RESULTS
2Jandebeur's GPOkmulgee, OKDZ Graphics, K&N03/22/2015 RESULTS
3Stillwater 500 XCStillwater, OKStillwater Powersports04/12/2015 RESULTS
4SkiatookSkiatook, OKHinds Performance, K&N05/03/2015 RESULTS
5One-11 RanchMaramec,OKHonda of Tulsa06/07/2015 RESULTS
6Reynard Raceway GPWellston,OKAJAX, Dick's Window Tinting09/26/2015 RESULTS
7AMP GPStillwater,OKAMP, TBT, 3BGraphics09/13/2015 RESULTS
9Reynard Raceway XCWellston,OKHonda of Tulsa, AJAX09/27/2015 RESULTS
10One-11 Ranch FinaleMaramec,OKHonda of Tulsa / Dunlop10/11/2015 RESULTS

2014 Race Results

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDate Results
1Wolfs DenKellyville,OK 02/23/2014 RESULTS
3Bike Only- Scipio Rec AreaScipio, OKTulsa Trail Riders06/01/2014 RESULTS
4Gearhart RanchKonawa,OK 03/23/2014 RESULTS
5SkiatookSkiatook, OK 04/06/2014 RESULTS
6Collins RanchHitchita,OK 05/04/2014 RESULTS
7Jupie's PlaceAda,OK 05/18/2014 RESULTS
8Redlined ATV ParkMeeker,OK 09/07/2014 RESULTS
9CrosstimbersOklahoma City,OKOkie Dirt Riders, CRA09/21/2014 RESULTS
10Stillwater 500Stillwater,OKStillwater Trailriders10/05/2014 RESULTS

2013 Race Results

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDate Results
1Konowa Rd 1Konowa OKContractors Equipment03/03/2013 RESULTS
2Wolfs DenKellyville OKHouse of Horspower03/17/2013 RESULTS
3Collins RanchHitchita OKSandtrax, Honda of Tulsa04/07/2013 RESULTS
4CrosstimbersOklahoma City, OKOki Dirt Riders, CRA, Cycle Gear09/08/2013 RESULTS
5AdaAda,OKInnovative Engineering, 3B Graphics05/19/2013 RESULTS
6Turkey CreekCleveland, OKContractors Equipment, Honda of Tulsa06/02/2013 RESULTS
7Wolfs Den EastKellyville, OKTeam Autism, Amsoil, Contractors Equipment06/16/2013 RESULTS
8SkiatookSkiatook OKTeam Autism, Mac Tools, JT Powersports09/22/2013 RESULTS
9Stillwater 500Stillwater OKYamaha Polaris of Stillwater, JT Powersports10/13/2013 RESULTS

2012 Race Results

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDate Results
1KonowaKonowa3B,Cycle Gear Tulsa, NAPA03/04/2012 RESULTS
2Collins RanchHitchita,OK3B, Arm Kandy, Rocky Mountain03/18/2012 RESULTS
3Wolf's Den - KellyvilleKellyville3B,Cycle Gear Tulsa, Sandtrax04/22/2012 RESULTS
4GruberBraggs, OK3B,Honda of Tulsa,Red Wagon Racing05/06/2012 RESULTS
5Redlined ATV ParkMeeker,OKRedlined ATV Park, 3B,RM, Arm Kandy05/20/2012 RESULTS
6Crosstimbers -Draper-Ok City,OKOkie Dirt Riders, 3B Graphics06/03/2012 RESULTS
7Wolfs Den 2Kellyville,OK3B, Arm Kandy, Sandtrax09/16/2012 RESULTS
8Stillwater 500Stillwater,OK3B, Cycle Gear Tulsa, Red Wagon Racing09/30/2012 RESULTS
9AdaAda,OK3B,Team Autism, Arm Kandy10/14/2012 RESULTS

2011 Race Results

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDate Results
1KonowaKonowa3B Graphics, Honda Of Tulsa, NAPA03/13/2011 RESULTS
2Stillwater 500 (No SxS)Stillwater 5003B Graphics, Honda Of Tulsa, NAPA03/27/2011 RESULTS
3Redlined ATV ParkRedlined ATV Park3B Graphics, Honda Of Tulsa, NAPA04/10/2011 RESULTS
4Big Red Offroad ParkBig Red Offroad Park3B Graphics, Honda Of Tulsa, NAPA06/19/2011 RESULTS
5RHORPNorman3B Graphics, Honda Of Tulsa, NAPA05/22/2011 RESULTS
6Gruber ORV ParkBraggs3B Graphics, Honda Of Tulsa, NAPA06/05/2011 RESULTS
7BristowBristow3B Graphics, NAPA09/18/2011 RESULTS
8AdaAda OK3B Graphics, RM ATV/MC, NAPA10/02/2011 RESULTS
9RHORP 2Norman3B Graphics, RM ATV/MC, NAPA10/23/2011 RESULTS

2010 Race Results

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDate Results
5Reynard RacewayWellston, OK 09/04/2010 RESULTS
6Redlined ATV ParkMeeker, OK 10/02/2010 RESULTS
7Sallisaw 5 Hour Moto 1Sallisaw, OK3B Graphics, Yamaha of Stillwater10/30/2010 RESULTS
8Sallisaw 5 Hour Moto 2Sallisaw,OK3B Graphics, Yamaha of Stillwater10/30/2010 RESULTS

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