Okie Sprint Championship

2020 Race Results

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDate Results
1The Sprint Across Enemy Lines Day 1D-Day Adventure Park 05/23/2020 RESULTS
2The Sprint Across Enemy Lines Day 2D-Day Adventure Park 05/24/2020 RESULTS
3Space Grass Sprint Day 1Bixby, OK 09/12/2020 RESULTS
4Space Grass Sprint Day 2Bixby, OK 09/13/2020 RESULTS
5Dirtbike CarnivalBristow, OK 10/25/2020
6Iron Man 100Scipio, OKTulsa Trail Riders12/06/2020

2019 Race Results

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDate Results
1Discover Your Speed Day 1Sand Springs, OK 03/09/2019 RESULTS
2Discover Your Speed Day 2Sand Springs, OK 03/10/2019 RESULTS
3The Sprint at 111 RanchMaramec, OKpre-enter @ www.blackjackenduro.org04/07/2019 RESULTS
4Outrun the Pack Day 1Bristow, OK 04/13/2019 RESULTS
5Outrun the Pack Day 2Big Fox Run 06/02/2019 RESULTS
6Fast at Fry LakeSeminole, OKpre-enter @ www.blackjackenduro.org11/24/2019 RESULTS
7The Golden EagleStillwater, OKpre-enter @ www.blackjackenduro.org12/15/2019 RESULTS
8The Chicken Scream Day 1Bristow, OK 09/14/2019 RESULTS
9The Chicken Scream Day 2Bristow, OK 09/15/2019 RESULTS
10Ride with the DevilHominy, OK 12/08/2019 RESULTS

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