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2021 Bike# Request

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Thank you for visiting registration for SECCA. Before you begin please read the rules and FAQ's to ensure you sign up for correct class.
250cc's CANNOT ride Open classes (excluding D.)
Know your class round 1 if you are running for points.
Key in part of your name below to pull up your info. Click "add" by your name".
Once you are to the next page look at the bike # list to check availability and put in 3 choices. DO NOT ENTER 1 # IN ALL THREE SPOTS. DO NOT USE LETTERS.

1-10 are reserved for previous top 10.

Riders will have to the end of January to claim their numbers. If the number you want was used by a member last year who ran more than 3 races they will have priority. We will check with them or if they do not claim it by Jan 31 we will update your number.

Remember, we only use these on helmets. You do not have to have it on your bike so we may resort to 4 digit #'s sometimes.

Rider Search
Use any combination of the following search terms to find a rider:
Tip: Try just the first few letters of your first and last name.
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