AMA US Hard Enduro Pre-Entry

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDatePre-Entry
1King of the MotosJohnson Valley, CA 01/29/2023Pre-Entry Not Set Up
2IRC Endurofest-HawaiiHaleiwa, HI 03/12/2023Pre-Entry Not Set Up
3Grinding StonePage, AZ 03/26/2023Pre-Entry Not Set Up
4Snake BiteLubbock, TX 04/02/2023Pre-Entry Not Set Up
5Battle of the GoatsTaylorsville, NC 04/23/2023Pre-Entry Not Set Up
6Fallen TimbersLittle Hocking, OH 05/07/2023Pre-Entry Not Set Up
7Tough Like RORRTamaqua, PA 05/28/2023Pre-Entry Not Set Up
8ShotgunSugarloaf, PA 05/29/2023Pre-Entry Not Set Up
9DonnerNorden, CA 06/18/2023Pre-Entry Not Set Up
10Silver KingsKellogg ID 06/24/2023Pre-Entry Not Set Up

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