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2019 Membership Registration

Message from Series: 

VIHSS Racing License Registration

Please note that this online form only supports the registration and payment for individual riders purchasing an annual license.

The one-weekend passes and family rates are not yet supported online and can be purchased on race day at registration.

Please read the following before you register

Choosing your Bike Number:
While registering you will be asked to choose a "Bike Number". Please use your bike number from last year, unless you are changing classes. Changes are possible, but it’s easier for the people handling registration if you start with your number from last year.

If you are new and don’t have a bike number yet, we will assign you one, basded on which class you’ve entered.

There is a “Bike Number” list here that will allow you to see the 2018 bike numbers from all classes.

Our scoring system (Moto-Tally) requires a specific transponder tag. These are available at the registration desk on race day for a fee if you do not have one, or if yours isn’t working.

Special note for the 2019 KIRK Hare Scramble:
The 2019 Kirk will feature a “Women’s Expert” (A) class. Your bike number will be in the format of 13xx (13 is the number for the Women's EX class) You’ll choose your own 2 digit number in place of the xx.

More information:

If you’re looking for more information about the VIHSS or registration, fees, rules, etc. please refer to the VIDRA website

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