Family Enduro Series

2018 Turkey Gobbler FES

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Overall Short - Check-by-Check Score by Place
RowRider NameBrandClass


1421Carson WilsonKTMC: 7-8010/1531/15
214FAdeline FrancisKTMA: Buddy020/2432/24
3419Trevor FanslerKTMC: 7-8030/133/1
4409Jacob HarterHONC: 7-8088/456316/456
5536Alijah GainesKTMC: 7-80109/516319/516
6518Wyatt EwenKAWC: 7-801621/1282337/1282
7134Clayton ErbKAWC: 7-801821/1284339/1284
8337Isaiah FidlerKAWB: 4-601545/2674360/2674
9133Wyatt ScrollHONC: 7-802041/2431361/2431
10243Bailey SullivanKTMA: Buddy142132/1938367/1938
11526Quentih BriggsYAMC: 7-803048/2885378/2885
DNF232Jaxson SimpsonYAMC: 7-8   00/0
DNF531Cole EvansYAMB: 4-6   00/0

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