Family Enduro Series

2018 Pine Cone

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Overall Short - Check-by-Check Score by Place
RowRider NameBrandClass



1120Eli HarrisKTMA: Buddy34/2151/77048/292
2223Kasaon McGarryKAWA: Buddy04/2693/172148/441
3545Payton LeathersHONA: Buddy36/3325/2972416/629
4550Adeline FrancisKTMA: Buddy67/4475/2872420/734
5526Grace KiddKAWA: Buddy49/56110/6089432/1169
6423Ryder McgarryKAWA: Buddy18/50612/74611432/1252
7445Niko LeathersYAMA: Buddy67/41413/77113439/1185
8460Bryce MaynardKAWA: Buddy110/58820/122020451/1808
9323Maxwell McGarryKAWA: Buddy214/86819/114419454/2012
10360Amelia StevensKAWA: Buddy114/86130/178530475/2646
11234Ashlee VankalkerSUZA: Buddy419/113226/155027476/2682
12408Mackenzie LaursenHONA: Buddy120/121531/188832484/3103
13313Carson WilsonKTMC: 7-8621/128631/186632490/3152
14506Jacob HarterHONC: 7-8722/131931/187533493/3194
1520FDayton EberlyHONB: 4-6418/106553/3209544129/4274
16326Ryder PierceYAMA: Buddy1336/213940/2410414130/4549
17432Novi NeaumannHUSA: Buddy517/99325/1507347/2500
1851FLucas BennettKTMC: 7-81249/2967261/2967
19328Trevar MartinKTMC: 7-8414/0
20329Kyle KeblerYAMC: 7-818118/0
21350Owen HardyHONB: 4-620120/0
DNF519Joe MaasHONA: Buddy    00/0
DNF246Hardy WrightYAMA: Buddy    00/0
DNF54FRobert SpraderYAMC: 7-8    00/0

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