AMA District 37 Youth Desert Series Pre-Entry

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDatePre-Entry
34Aces/Lost Angels Hare and HoundSpangler Hills 02/25/2023Pre-Entry Not Set Up
4HBMCSlash X 03/11/2023Pre-Entry Not Set Up
5Rovers/Invaders Hare and HoundSpangler Hills 03/25/2023Pre-Entry Not Set Up
6SoCal Hare and HoundSpangler Hills 04/15/2023Pre-Entry Not Set Up
7Dirt Diggers MCSpangler Hills 04/22/2023Pre-Entry Not Set Up
8RutsJohnson Valley 05/20/2023Pre-Entry Not Set Up
9100's Hare and HoundJohnson Valley 10/21/2023Pre-Entry Not Set Up

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