AMSA Offroad Alberta Event Registration Porcupine hills, Panorama harescramble, yaha tinda xc, mrsi challenge, shale shaker,

Alberta Motorsports Association Pre-Entry

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDatePre-Entry
1RD1 Porkies XCPorcupine Hills, AbLMC05/22/2021Pre-Entry Not Set Up
2RD2 Corner Grass HSBrooks, ABBMC06/19/2021Pre-Entry Not Set Up
3RD3 The Dirty Moose XCFallen Timber Rec Area,RMDRA06/26/2021Pre-Entry Not Set Up
4RD4- VEGA HSVega, AbNASTE07/17/2021Pre-Entry Not Set Up
5RD5 Resurrection XCLivingstone, ABLMC07/31/2021Pre-Entry Not Set Up
6RD6 The Grizzly HSMclean Creek, AB 09/18/2021Pre-Entry Not Set Up

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