Southeast Cross Country Association

2024 Race Results

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDate Results
1Manbone XCWaterloo, ALLongshore02/17/2024 RESULTS
2Reynolds RunPlantersville, ALPMMC03/02/2024 RESULTS
3Bonita LakesMeridian, MS 03/16/2024 RESULTS
4The HomesteadPrattville, AL 04/06/2024 RESULTS
5Miller CreekPontotoc, MS 04/27/2024 RESULTS
6Windwood FarmsStanton, AL 05/11/2024 RESULTS
7Dodge City MXBremen, AL 06/22/2024
9Twin LakesWater Valley, MS 09/21/2024
10Blueberry HillCollinsville, AL 10/05/2024
11Dry CreekMontevallo, AL 10/19/2024
12Monster MtnTallassee, AL 11/16/2024

2023 Race Results

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDate Results
1Reynolds RunStanton, AL 02/18/2023 RESULTS
2Bonita LakesMeridian, MS 03/11/2023 RESULTS
3Windwood FarmsStanton, AL 04/08/2023 RESULTS
4Monster MtnTallasse, AL 05/06/2023 RESULTS
5Twin LakesWater Valley, MS 05/13/2023 RESULTS
6Dodge City MXBremen, AL 06/24/2023 RESULTS
7The HomesteadPrattville, AL 09/23/2023 RESULTS
8Blueberry HillCollinsville, AL 10/07/2023 RESULTS
9Dry CreekMontevallo, AL 10/21/2023 RESULTS
10Manbone XCWaterloo, AL 11/11/2023 RESULTS

2022 Race Results

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDate Results
1Blueberry HillCollinsville, AL 02/12/2022 RESULTS
2Bonita LakesMeridian, MS 02/26/2022 RESULTS
3Reynold's RunStanton, ALPMMC03/19/2022 RESULTS
4Windwood FarmsStanton, AL 04/09/2022 RESULTS
5Miller CreekPontotoc, MS 04/30/2022 RESULTS
6Monster MtnTallasse, ALNew Date05/07/2022 RESULTS
79 Hour PMMCStanton, ALPMMC07/30/2022 RESULTS
8Dry CreekMontevallo, AL 09/17/2022 RESULTS
9The HomesteadPrattville, AL 10/01/2022 RESULTS
10Monster MtnTallassee, AL 11/12/2022 RESULTS
11Apple OrchardAlpine, AL 12/03/2022 RESULTS

2021 Race Results

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDate Results
1Monster Buddy RaceTallassee, ALSIGN UP ON SECCA SITE01/30/2021 RESULTS
2Reynolds RunMaplesville, ALPMMC02/20/2021 RESULTS
3Bonita LakesMeridian, MS 03/06/2021 RESULTS
4Tree FarmBillingsley, AL 03/27/2021 RESULTS
5Miller CreekPontotoc, MS 05/01/2021 RESULTS
6Windwood FarmsPlantersville, AL 05/15/2021 RESULTS
79 Hour Tree FarmBillingsley, ALSign up On SECCA Site 6/107/31/2021 RESULTS
8Energy HSMeridian, MS 08/14/2021 RESULTS
9CrossboneBillingsley, AL 09/25/2021 RESULTS
10Blueberry HillCollinsville, ALNichols10/09/2021 RESULTS
11Dry CreekMontevallo, AL 10/23/2021 RESULTS
12Monster MtnTallassee, AL 11/20/2021 RESULTS

2020 Race Results

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDate Results
1Dry CreekMontevallo, AL 02/08/2020 RESULTS
2Blueberry HillCollinsville, ALNichols Farm03/07/2020 RESULTS
3Windwood FarmsPlantersville, AL 05/23/2020 RESULTS
4Reynolds RunMaplesville, ALPMMC06/06/2020 RESULTS
5Crossbone MXBillingsley, AL 06/20/2020 RESULTS
69 Hour EnduranceMaplesville, ALSignup on SECCA site07/25/2020 RESULTS
7Miller CreekPontotoc, MS 10/03/2020 RESULTS
8Bonita LakesMeridian, MS 10/17/2020 RESULTS
9Monster MtTallassee, AL 11/21/2020 RESULTS
10Blueberry Hill IICollinsville, ALNichols Farm12/05/2020 RESULTS

2019 Race Results

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDate Results
1Perry MountainMaplesville, ALPMMC03/16/2019 RESULTS
2NatraWestpoint, TNNATRA03/30/2019 RESULTS
3Blueberry HillCollinsville, ALNichol's Farm04/13/2019 RESULTS
4Bonita LakesMeridian, MSMeridian OHV04/20/2019 RESULTS
5Cornerstone RanchGardendale, ALREDBILT05/04/2019 RESULTS
6Ole Noah'sPlantersville, AL 05/18/2019 RESULTS
7Crossbone MXBillingsley, AL 06/29/2019 RESULTS
89 Hour EnduranceGardendale, ALNo Points07/27/2019 RESULTS
9Bradley FarmBessemer, AL 09/07/2019 RESULTS
10Miller CreekPontotoc, MS 09/21/2019 RESULTS
11Dry CreekMontevallo, AL 10/05/2019 RESULTS
12Minooka ParkJemison, AL 10/26/2019 RESULTS
13Monster MtTallassee, AL 11/16/2019 RESULTS
14Dirty SantaGardendale , ALNo Points12/07/2019 RESULTS

2018 Race Results

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDate Results
1Cornerstone RanchGardendale, AL 02/24/2018 RESULTS
2Windwood FarmsPlantersville, ALDeloach03/10/2018 RESULTS
3Reynolds RunMaplesville, ALPMMC03/24/2018 RESULTS
4Blueberry HillCollinsville, AL 04/21/2018 RESULTS
5Copperhead HSWestpoint, TNNATRA04/28/2018 RESULTS
6Happy HollowSuttle, AL 05/05/2018 RESULTS
7Monster MountainTallassee, AL 05/19/2018 RESULTS
8Crossbone MXBillingsley, AL 06/30/2018 RESULTS
99 Hour EnduranceGardendale, ALSECCA07/28/2018 RESULTS
10Bradley FarmBessemmer, AL 09/01/2018 RESULTS
11Yeargan FarmsSelma, AL 09/22/2018 RESULTS
12Minooka ParkJemison, AL 10/06/2018 RESULTS
13Miller CreekPontotoc, MS 10/27/2018 RESULTS

2017 Race Results

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDate Results
1Cornerstone RanchGardendale, AL 02/11/2017 RESULTS
2Bradley FarmBessemer, ALBradley's03/04/2017 RESULTS
3Windwood FarmsPlantersville, AL 03/18/2017 RESULTS
4MX 56Wagarville, AL 04/15/2017 RESULTS
5Reynold's RunMaplesville, ALPMMC04/29/2017 RESULTS
6Monster MtTallassee, AL 05/13/2017 RESULTS
7Crossbone MXBillingsley, AL 06/17/2017 RESULTS
99 Hour EnduranceGardendale, ALSECCA07/29/2017 RESULTS
10Cornerstone IIGardendale, ALSECCA09/02/2017 RESULTS
11CopperheadWestpoint, TNNATRA09/16/2017 RESULTS
12Cornerstone IIIGardendale, AL 09/30/2017 RESULTS
13Miller CreekPontotoc, MS 10/14/2017 RESULTS
14AttawayBremen, ALSECCA10/28/2017 RESULTS
15Minooka ParkJemison, AL 11/11/2017 RESULTS

2016 Race Results

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDate Results
1Paint Rock ValleyHollytree, AL 01/16/2016 RESULTS
2Southern Dirt RidersSarah, MSSDRA01/30/2016 RESULTS
3Hatchet CreekRockford, AL 02/20/2016 RESULTS
4Windwood FarmsPlantersville, AL 03/05/2016 RESULTS
5OpelikaOpelika, AL 04/16/2016 RESULTS
6Reynold's RunMaplesville, ALPMMC04/30/2016 RESULTS
7CornerstoneGardendale, AL 05/14/2016 RESULTS
87 Hour EnduranceGardendale, AL 07/30/2016 RESULTS
9Cornerstone FallGardendale, ALSecca09/03/2016 RESULTS
10ChickenhouseStanton, ALCarter Country09/17/2016 RESULTS
11Stony LoneseomeBremen, ALSecca10/01/2016 RESULTS
12Miller CreekPontotoc, MS 10/15/2016 RESULTS
13CopperheadWestpoint, TNNATRA10/29/2016 RESULTS
14Minooka ParkJemison, ALSECCA11/12/2016 RESULTS
15Flat RockFlat RockSECCA11/19/2016 RESULTS
16Monster MtTallassee, ALMonster12/10/2016 RESULTS

2015 Race Results

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDate Results
1CornerstoneGardendale, AL 08/29/2015 RESULTS
2ChickenhouseStanton, AL 09/12/2015 RESULTS
3PontotocPontotc, MS 09/26/2015 RESULTS
4Stony LonesomeBremen, AL 10/10/2015 RESULTS
5Heart of DixieTroy, AL 10/24/2015 RESULTS
6NATRAWestpoint, TN 11/07/2015 RESULTS
7Minooka ParkJemison, AL 11/21/2015 RESULTS
8Monster MountainTallassee, AL 12/12/2015 RESULTS

2014 Race Results

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDate Results
1ChickenhouseStanton, AL 08/30/2014 RESULTS
2Stony LonesomeCullman, AL 09/13/2014 RESULTS
3Heart of DixieTroy, AL 09/27/2014 RESULTS
4HalawakeeOpelika, AL 10/11/2014 RESULTS
5CornerstoneGardendale, AL 10/25/2014 RESULTS
6Minooka ParkJemison, AL 11/08/2014 RESULTS
7Monster MtTallasse, AL 11/22/2014 RESULTS
8NATRAWestpoint, TN 12/13/2014 RESULTS
9Cornerstone IIGardendale, AL 01/24/2015 RESULTS
10Big Buck HSBoligee, AL 02/07/2015 RESULTS
11Windwood FarmsPlantersville, AL 03/07/2015 RESULTS
12MMAMeridian, MS 03/21/2015 RESULTS
13Deer Run Buddy RaceHanceville, AL 04/04/2015 RESULTS
14Stony Buddy RaceCullman, AL 05/02/2015 RESULTS
15Windwood Buddy RacePlantersville 05/23/2015 RESULTS
16Shorter Buddy RaceShorter, AL 06/20/2015 RESULTS
17Minooka Buddy RaceJemison, AL 07/11/2015 RESULTS
18Monster Buddy RaceTallassee, AL 08/01/2015 RESULTS

2013 Race Results

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDate Results
1ChickenhouseStanton, AL 08/31/2013 RESULTS
2Stony LonesomeCullman, AL 09/14/2013 RESULTS
3OpelikaOpelika, AL 09/28/2013 RESULTS
4CornerstoneGardendale, AL 10/12/2013 RESULTS
5The RidgeSpringville, AL 10/26/2013 RESULTS
6Southern Dirt RidersSarah, MS 11/16/2013 RESULTS
7New Years Buddy RaceCornerstone 01/04/2014 RESULTS
8TroyTroy, AL 01/18/2014 RESULTS
9Potato PatchPlantersville, AL 02/01/2014 RESULTS
10Minooka ParkJemison, AL 02/15/2014 RESULTS
12MeridianMeridian, MS 03/08/2014 RESULTS
13Deer Run Buddy RaceHanceville, AL 04/19/2014 RESULTS
14Ridge Buddy RaceSpringville, AL 04/26/2014 RESULTS
15Stony Buddy RaceCullman, AL 05/10/2014 RESULTS
16Monster Buddy RaceTallassee, AL 05/24/2014 RESULTS
17Minooka Buddy RaceJemison, AL 06/21/2014 RESULTS
18Shorter Buddy RaceShorter, AL 07/12/2014 RESULTS
19Monster Buddy Race IITallassee, AL 08/02/2014 RESULTS

2012 Race Results

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDate Results
1ChickenhouseStanton, AL 09/01/2012 RESULTS
2Monster MtTallassee, AL 09/15/2012 RESULTS
3Tree FarmBillingsley, AL 09/29/2012 RESULTS
4CornerstoneGardendale, AL 10/13/2012 RESULTS
5The RidgeSpringville, AL 10/27/2012 RESULTS
6Stony LonesomeCullman, AL 11/17/2012 RESULTS
7MeridianMeridian, MS 12/08/2012 RESULTS
8Minooka ParkJemison, AL 02/02/2013 RESULTS
9Noah's Moto ParkMaplesville, AL 02/16/2013 RESULTS
10Cornerstone IIGardendale, AL 03/02/2013 RESULTS
11CMRABelvidere, TN 03/16/2013 RESULTS
12Clanton T&TClanton, AL 03/23/2013 RESULTS
13Deer RunHanceville, AL 04/06/2013 RESULTS
21Cornerstone Buddy RaceGardendale 04/20/2013 RESULTS
22Stony Lonesome Buddy RaceCullman 05/11/2013 RESULTS
23Ridge Buddy RaceSpringville 06/08/2013 RESULTS
24Minooka Buddy RaceJemison 06/29/2013 RESULTS
25Clanton Buddy RaceClanton 07/13/2013 RESULTS
26Monster Mt Buddy RaceTallassee 08/03/2013 RESULTS

2011 Race Results

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDate Results
1Clanton T&TClanton, AL 10/01/2011 RESULTS
2CornerstoneGardendale, AL 10/29/2011 RESULTS
3Cornerstone II Rug Rat RaceGardendale, AL 11/12/2011 RESULTS
4Monster MtTallassee, AL 12/03/2011 RESULTS
5Stoney Lonesome ParkCullman, AL 01/14/2012 RESULTS
6RidgeSpringville, AL 02/04/2012 RESULTS
7Tree FarmBillingsley, AL 02/18/2012 RESULTS
8Noahs Moto ParkMaplesville, AL 03/17/2012 RESULTS
9Deer RunHanceville, AL 04/07/2012 RESULTS

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