Southern Roots Race Tour

2023 Race Results

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDate Results
1The ArrowheadWinnsboro, SCCarolina Adventure World08/19/2023 RESULTS
2aonia passwashington, GA 10/20/2023 RESULTS
3The BulldogWashington, GA 11/18/2023 RESULTS
4The Scramble In The BoroHephzibah,ga 01/06/2024 RESULTS
5Aonia PassWashington,Ga 01/20/2024 RESULTS

2022 Race Results

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDate Results
1The MoonshinerStatesboro, GaBuzz lee farms05/14/2022 RESULTS
2The BirddogHephzibah, GA 06/11/2022 RESULTS
3The Round UpChatsworth, Ga 07/23/2022 RESULTS
4BrairhillLincolton, Ga 09/24/2022 RESULTS
5The Loggers RunHephzibah,Ga 11/12/2022 RESULTS
6The Moonshiner 2.0Statesboro, Ga 12/10/2022 RESULTS
7The Cut @ The Masters MotoplexGaston, SC 01/14/2023 RESULTS
8The ArrowheadCarolina Adventure World 03/25/2023 RESULTS

2020 Race Results

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDate Results
1The Bucking BullElberton, GATwisted K06/12/2020 RESULTS
2The SandboxWrens, GA 07/24/2020 RESULTS
3The SwampWadley, GA 08/28/2020 RESULTS
4The Briarhill ScrambleLincolnton, GA 09/18/2020 UNOFFICIAL RESULTS

2019 Race Results

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDate Results
1SandboxWrens, GA - Sunnyside ATV Paradise 03/03/2019 RESULTS
2All Terrain ChallengeDawsoneville, GA - Anderson Farm 04/14/2019 RESULTS
3Iron MountainDahlonega, GA - Iron Mountain Park 05/05/2019 RESULTS
4Bucking BullElberton, GA - Diamond K Ranch 05/12/2019 RESULTS
5The Gold MinerMurrayville GA - Gold Miner 07/20/2019 RESULTS
6The Briarhill ScrambleLincolton GA - Briarhill 08/31/2019 RESULTS
7IMP Grand FinaleDahlonega, GA - Iron Mountain Park 09/27/2019 RESULTS
8The Big Pumpkin Non PointsDawsonville, Ga - Anderson Farm 10/19/2019 RESULTS

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