Vancouver Island Hare Scramble Series

2024 Race Results

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDate Results
1Roots Of DoomWhiskey CreekVIDRA04/07/2024 RESULTS
2The Suffering IIIShawniganVIDRA04/21/2024 RESULTS
3Legends MotoCook CreekVIDRA05/05/2024 RESULTS
4RumbleWhiskey CreekVIDRA05/19/2024 RESULTS
5KatoomCampbell River MXVIDRA06/09/2024 RESULTS
6KnockoutNanaimo MXVIDRA09/08/2024
7Wild WestTanskyVIDRA09/22/2024
8Giver TakePort Alberni MXVIDRA10/06/2024
9Moster MashCook CreekVIDRA10/27/2024

2023 Race Results

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDate Results
1Roots of Doom (A & B Classes)Whiskey Creek 03/26/2023 RESULTS
2The Suffering II (Hard Enduro)Shawnigan Lake 04/16/2023 RESULTS
3Hells Kitchen HeatCook Creek 05/07/2023 RESULTS
4The Knockout (A & B Classes)Nanaimo MX 05/21/2023 RESULTS
5The Wild West ( A & B Classes)Tansky 09/17/2023 RESULTS
6Alberni Giver Take (A & B Classes)Alberni Valley MX 10/01/2023 RESULTS
7Tearzberg (Hard Enduro)Tansky 10/08/2023 RESULTS
8Monster Mash (A & B Classes)Cook Creek 11/12/2023 RESULTS

2022 Race Results

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDate Results
1Hells Kitchen (A & B Classes)Cook CreekCourtenay Motorsports, HyperTek, BiblioTaco,03/27/2022 RESULTS
2Roots Of Doom (A & B Classes)Whiskey CreekSpunkys, Tuff City, Mile Zero, Motovan, 55904/24/2022 RESULTS
3The Knockout (A & B Classes)Nanaimo MX 05/29/2022 RESULTS
4The Wild West (A & B Classes)Tansky 06/12/2022 RESULTS
5The Grind (A & B Classes)VMC propertyVicoria Motorcycle Club11/06/2022 RESULTS
6Banzai Braapline (A & B Classes)Whiskey Creek 11/13/2022 RESULTS
7TearzbergTansky 10/09/2022 RESULTS
8Monster MashCook Creek 10/30/2022 RESULTS
9The SufferingShawnigan 11/27/2022 RESULTS

2021 Race Results

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDate Results
1Tansky-Tearsberg EditionJordan RiverKenco,, Knarly Parts10/10/2021 RESULTS
2Monster Mash (Sunday A&B classes)Cook Creek Rec. SiteCourtenay Motorsports, Moto Seat, BiblioTaco10/31/2021 RESULTS
3Banzai Braapline (Sunday A&B classes)Whiskey Creek Rec SiteSpunkys,TuffCity,CourtenayMS,,MileZero11/07/2021 RESULTS

2020 Race Results

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDate Results
1The Suffering-Son of KirkVMC Shawnigan Lake, BCAction, Windsor Plywood, Victoria Construction03/29/2020
2The Roots of DoomWhiskey Creek, BC 04/19/2020
3Hell's KitchenCook Creek, BC 05/03/2020
4KatoomCampbell River,BC 05/31/2020
5Tansky-TitanTansky OHV, Jordan River, BC 06/21/2020
6Nanaimo KnockoutWastelands MX, Nanaimo, BC 09/06/2020
7The GrindVMC, Victoria, BC 09/27/2020
8The Crown RoyalWhiskey Creek, BC 10/25/2020

2019 Race Results

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDate Results
1The Kirk Hard-scrambleVMC Shawnigan Lake, BCAction MC,Motovan,Windsor Plywood, Husqvarna03/31/2019 RESULTS
2The Roots of DoomWhiskey Creek, BCSpunkys,Courtenay MS,Emperor Racing,STS,VIDRA04/14/2019 RESULTS
3Hell's KitchenCook Creek, BCSpunkys,Emperor,Motovan,STS,Kenda,Hoel Exc.05/05/2019 RESULTS
4KatoomCampbell River,BCTIPPIN Point Cont,Courtenay MS,CR Metal FAB,Billy06/16/2019 RESULTS
5Nanaimo KnockoutWastelands MX, Nanaimo, BCSpunky's,Emperor racing,Hoel Contracting09/15/2019 RESULTS
6TITAN- BRAAAP SabbathTansky OHV, Jordan River, BCKenco,Motovan,STS,Hoel Excavating09/22/2019 RESULTS
7The GrindVMC, Victoria, BCVMC, Sea-Power Marine10/06/2019 RESULTS
8The Crown RoyalWhiskey Creek, BCSpunkys,Courtenay MotorSports11/03/2019 RESULTS

2018 Race Results

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDate Results
1The Roots of DoomWhiskey Creek, BCSpunkys,Emperor Racing,STS,VIDRA04/15/2018 RESULTS
2The Hell's KitchenCook Creek, BC 05/13/2018 RESULTS
3The Nanaimo KnockoutWastelands MX, Nanaimo, BC 06/03/2018 RESULTS
4The Tansky TitanTansky OHV, Jordan River, BC 07/15/2018 RESULTS
5The Kirk HardscrambleVMC Shawnigan Lake, BC 09/09/2018
6The GrindVMC, Victoria, BC 10/14/2018 RESULTS
7The RedemptionCook Creek, BC 10/28/2018
8The Crown RoyalWhiskey Creek, BC 11/04/2018 RESULTS

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