Woods Extreme XC Racing

2021 Race Results

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDate Results
1Reno RacewayReno, OH 04/03/2021 RESULTS
2Husted HillsAmesville, OH 05/09/2021
3Big Bull StampedeDavisville, WV 05/30/2021
4Jacksons FarmMineral Wells, WV 06/20/2021
5Husted Hills 2Amesville, OH 07/11/2021
6Scenic Lake SaturdayGlouster, OH 07/31/2021
7Scenic Lake SundayGlouster, OH 08/01/2021
8Black Rock XCSharpsburg, OH 08/29/2021
9Dynamite ValleyChesterhill, OH 09/19/2021
10Constitution Ridge SunBelpre, OH 10/03/2021

2020 Race Results

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDate Results
1Reno RacewayReno, OH 05/31/2020 RESULTS
2Husted HillsAmesville, OH 06/21/2020 RESULTS
3Jackson Farms XCMineral Wells, WV 07/19/2020 RESULTS
4Black Rock XCSharpsburg, OH 08/02/2020 RESULTS
5Scenic Lake SaturdayGlouster, OH 08/22/2020 RESULTS
6Scenic Lake SundayGlouster, OH 08/23/2020 RESULTS
7Dynamite ValleyChesterhill, OH 09/20/2020 RESULTS
8Reno RacewayReno, OH 10/04/2020 RESULTS
9Constitution Ridge SatBelpre, OH 10/17/2020 RESULTS
10Constitution Ridge SunBelpre, OH 10/18/2020 RESULTS

2019 Race Results

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDate Results
1Reno RacewayReno, OH 04/07/2019 RESULTS
2Husted HillsAmesville, OH 05/11/2019 RESULTS
3Scenic Lake RacewayGlouster, OH 05/26/2019 RESULTS
4Warrior RacewayVincent, OH 06/16/2019 RESULTS
5Constitution RidgeBelpre, OH 06/30/2019 RESULTS
6Horsepower HollowCoolville, OH 07/14/2019 RESULTS
7Dynamite ValleyChesterhill, OH 08/04/2019 RESULTS
8Racers RanchCutler, OH 08/25/2019 RESULTS
9Husted Hills 2Amesville, OH 09/08/2019 RESULTS
10Constitution RidgeBelpre, OH 09/22/2019 RESULTS
11Mothman XCLeon, WV 10/06/2019 RESULTS
12Peewee Bike Team RaceLeon, WV 10/19/2019 RESULTS
13Mini Quad Team RaceLeon, WV 10/19/2019 RESULTS
14Youth Bike TeamLeon, WV 10/19/2019 RESULTS
15Adult Bike TeamLeon, WV 10/19/2019 RESULTS
16Adult Quad TeamLeon, WV 10/19/2019 RESULTS

2018 Race Results

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDate Results
1Black Diamond XC 1New Plymouth, OHAOMC04/22/2018 RESULTS
2Scenic Lake RacewayGlouster, OHPirate MX Powersports05/06/2018 RESULTS
3Husted HillsAmesville, OHJDP05/20/2018 RESULTS
4Penton GNCC Co-SanctionMillfield, OHGNCC05/27/2018 RESULTS
5Warrior RacewayVincent, OHKona Ice of Mid Ohio Valley06/03/2018 RESULTS
6Horsepower HollowCoolville, OHDSD Kawasaki & Beta06/17/2018 RESULTS
7Racers RanchCutler, OHSpider Graphix07/08/2018 RESULTS
8Warrior Raceway 2Vincent, OHAOMC07/22/2018 RESULTS
9Black Rock XCSharpsburg, OHPirate MX Powersports08/12/2018 RESULTS
10Locust Grove RacewayMcArthur, OHSpider Graphix08/26/2018 RESULTS
11Black Diamond XC 2New Plymouth, OHWyandot Woods - Pirate MX - JDPmx09/23/2018 RESULTS
12Constitution RidgeBelpre, OHAOMC10/07/2018 RESULTS
13Powerline GNCC Co-SanctionSt Clairsville, OHGNCC10/14/2018 RESULTS

2017 Race Results

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDate Results
1Powerline ParkSt Clairsville, OHAOMC04/02/2017 RESULTS
2Scenic Lake Raceway 1Glouster, OHPirate MX Powersports04/30/2017 RESULTS
3Husted HillsAmesville, OHJDPMX05/14/2017 RESULTS
4Warrior RacewayBarlow, OHHendershot Performance / CF Moto06/04/2017 RESULTS
5Horsepower HollowCoolville, OHDSD Kawasaki Arctic Cat & Beta06/18/2017 RESULTS
6Penton GNCC Co-SanctionMillfield, OHGNCC07/09/2017 RESULTS
7Constitution RidgeBelpre, OHWorldwide Chiropractic07/15/2017 RESULTS
8Black Rock XCSharpsburg, OHPirate MX Powersports07/23/2017 RESULTS
9Racers RanchCutler, OHThornhill Auto Group08/13/2017 RESULTS
10Locust Grove RacewayMcArthur, OHSpider Graphix08/27/2017 RESULTS
11Black Diamond XCNew Plymouth, OHAOMC09/17/2017 RESULTS
12Powerline GNCC Co-SanctionSt Clairsville, OHGNCC10/07/2017 RESULTS
13Scenic Lake Raceway 2Glouster, OHFouts Family & Friends10/22/2017 RESULTS

2016 Race Results

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDate Results
1King KnobPhilippi, WVAOMC.mx04/10/2016 RESULTS
2Warrior RacewayBarlow, OHGT Thunder Memorial Race / Pirate MX Powersports04/24/2016 RESULTS
3"The Wilderness"Salem, WVFly Racing/WPS05/08/2016 RESULTS
4Husted HillsAmesville, OHHendershot Performance/CF Moto05/22/2016 RESULTS
5Constitution RidgeBelpre, OHWorldwide Chiropractic & Sports Medicine06/05/2016 RESULTS
6Horsepower HollowCoolville, OHDSD Kawasaki/Arctic Cat & Beta06/19/2016 RESULTS
7Warrior Raceway 2Torch, OHJDPMX07/10/2016 RESULTS
8Dynamite ValleyChesterhill, OHSpider Graphix07/24/2016 RESULTS
9Racers RanchCutler, OHPirate MX Powersports08/21/2016 RESULTS
10Locust Grove RacewayMcArthur, OHGet It Performance09/04/2016 RESULTS
11Black Rock XCSharpsburg, OHThornhill Auto Group10/09/2016 RESULTS
12Penton GNCC  05/29/2016 RESULTS
13Mountaineer Run GNCC  09/25/2016 RESULTS

2015 Race Results

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDate Results
1King KnobPhilippi, WVAOMC/P3 Carbon04/19/2015 RESULTS
2Husted HillsAmesville, OHGT Thunder Memorial Race05/03/2015 RESULTS
3"The Pioneer"Waterford, OHPirate MX Powersports05/16/2015 RESULTS
4Horsepower HollowTorch, OHSpider Graphix05/31/2015 RESULTS
5Racers RanchCutler, OHDSD Kawasaki, Arctic Cat & Beta06/28/2015 RESULTS
6Highline ParkCoolville, OHJDPMX07/19/2015 RESULTS
7Locust Grove RacewayMcArthur, OHPirateMX08/09/2015 RESULTS
8Fallon FarmsRio Grande, OHAOMC/P3Carbon08/22/2015 RESULTS
9Dynamite ValleyChesterhill, OHThornhill Auto Group09/13/2015 RESULTS
10Black Rock XCSharpsburg, OHGet It Performance09/27/2015 RESULTS

2014 Race Results

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDate Results
1Duck Creek ScrambleLogan, OHAOMC.MX & P304/06/2014 RESULTS
2Husted HillsAmesville, OHLubeck Tire05/04/2014 RESULTS
3The PioneerWaterford, OHIn Memory Of Laz & MaryAnn Sommers of GT Thunder05/17/2014 RESULTS
4Racers RanchCutler, OHThornhill Auto Group06/01/2014 RESULTS
5Constitution RidgeBelpre, OHPirate MX Powersports06/15/2014 RESULTS
6Anderson AcresFleming, OHGet It Performance07/13/2014 RESULTS
7Black Rock XCSharpsburg, OHDSD Kawasaki & Arctic Cat08/10/2014 RESULTS
8Anderson Farms SatFleming, OHSpider Graphix08/30/2014 RESULTS
9Anderson Farms SunFleming, OHPirate MX08/31/2014 RESULTS
10ChesterhillChesterhill, OHAOMC.mx / P309/14/2014 RESULTS

2013 Race Results

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDate Results
1Duck Creek ScrambleLogan, OHAOMC.mx03/24/2013 RESULTS
2The PioneerWaterford, OHDSD Kawasaki & Arctic Cat04/14/2013 RESULTS
3Black Rock XCSharpsburg, OHGet It Performance04/28/2013 RESULTS
4Constitution RidgeBelpre, OHLubeck Tire05/12/2013 RESULTS
5Anderson AcresFleming, OHPirate MX06/23/2013 RESULTS
6Fallon Farms1Rio Grande, OHAOMC.mx07/13/2013 RESULTS
7Fallon Farms 2Rio Grande, OHAOMC.mx07/14/2013 RESULTS
8Horsepower HollowTorch, OHThornhill Auto Group07/28/2013 RESULTS
9Pleasant Valley MX ParkGiven, WVWorldwide Chiropractic & Sports Medicine08/25/2013 RESULTS
10MTW RacewayStockport, OHAOMC.mx09/15/2013 RESULTS
11Husted HillsAmesville, OHThornhill Auto Group09/29/2013 RESULTS
12Wildwood Lake RacewayLittle Hocking, OHPirate MX10/20/2013 RESULTS

2012 Race Results

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDate Results
1Pre-Season KickoffMillstone RacewayMany great friends and fellow XC Racers03/11/2012 RESULTS
2RenoReno, OHGet It Performance03/25/2012 RESULTS
3The PioneerWaterford, OHAOMC/Ktm-parts.com04/22/2012 RESULTS
4Pleasant Valley MX ParkGiven, WVWorldwide Chiropractic05/06/2012 RESULTS
5CutlerCutler, OHK Bash05/20/2012 RESULTS
6Husted HillsAmesville, OHThornhill Auto Group06/10/2012 RESULTS
7Horsepower HollowTorch, OHAOMC / KTM-Parts.com08/05/2012 RESULTS
8CoolvilleCoolville, OHGMR08/19/2012 RESULTS
9Constitution RidgeBelpre, OHLubeck Tire09/02/2012 RESULTS
10Wildwood Lake RacewayLittle Hocking, OHLemon and Barretts Powersports09/23/2012 RESULTS
11Reno RacewayReno, OHThornhill Auto Group10/14/2012 RESULTS
21Team Bike PeeWee  07/14/2012 RESULTS
22Team Bike Youth  07/14/2012 RESULTS
23Team Bike Adult  07/14/2012 RESULTS
24Team UTV  07/14/2012 RESULTS
25Team Quad PeeWee  07/15/2012 RESULTS
26Team Quad Youth  07/15/2012 RESULTS
27Team Quad Adult  07/15/2012 RESULTS

2011 Race Results

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDate Results
1Crow CanyonUhrichsville, OH 04/03/2011 RESULTS
2Constitution RidgeBelpre, OH 04/17/2011 RESULTS
3Husted HillsAmesville, OH 05/08/2011 RESULTS
4TorchTorch, OH 05/22/2011 RESULTS
5CutlerCutler, OHGet It Performance06/05/2011 RESULTS
6Constitution RidgeBelpre, OH 07/03/2011 RESULTS
7Fallon FarmsRio Grande, OHAOMC/KTM PARTS.COM07/24/2011 RESULTS
8Husted Hills 2Amesville, OH 07/31/2011 RESULTS
9Torch 2Torch, OHCOUNTRY CHROME08/14/2011 RESULTS
10Pleasants Valley MXGiven, WVMCDONALDS OF FAIRPLAIN08/28/2011 RESULTS
11Wild WoodsWildwood Lake Raceway, Little Hocking, OhioDSD KAWASAKI/ARCTIC CAT09/18/2011 RESULTS
12Fallon Farms 2Rio Grande, OHAOMC/KTM PARTS.COM10/02/2011 RESULTS

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