Family Enduro Series

2024 Muddobbers Family Enduro

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Overall Short - Check-by-Check Score by Place
RowRider NameBrandClass


15CCase KuhbanderHONA: Buddy00/7030/7
22DCash MeltonKTMC: 7-802/107133/107
370EAshton BudreauHONC: 7-804/240034/240
442ADavid MadejKTMC: 7-804/253438/253
553CEmerson LentKAWC: 7-805/2805310/280
631CEli LedgerHUSC: 7-804/2527311/252
740AGeorge SheltonYAMC: 7-804/2408312/240
888BVaughn WagamanYAMC: 7-8010/58418328/584
932EBennett GeorgeKTMC: 7-8019/114313332/1143
1042BChristian MadejKTMB: 4-6012/74025337/740
1184AHeidi CrawfordHUSB: 4-6014/81128342/811
1287BBlaine BennettHONA: Buddy014/818214/818
1387DEllah BennettGGC: 7-8018/1068218/1068
1466ALucas BalyeatYAMC: 7-8024/1455224/1455
1552BLexi SheltonKTMB: 4-6025/1474225/1474
1650BLane HamrickKTMC: 7-8027/1619227/1619
1750DAbel LewisKTMB: 4-6622/1347228/1347
1888CVeda WagamanYAMB: 4-6031/1843231/1843
1973ARaelynn StatomYAMB: 4-6049/2961249/2961
2052CRyder BenjaminYAMB: 4-6010/0
2166BAudrey BalyaetYAMB: 4-6010/0
DNF39ECody ReidHONA: Buddy   00/0
DNF68CAustin RosenburgYAMA: Buddy   00/0
DNF94DJose WhitakerGGC: 7-8   00/0
DNF Eli BennettHONA: Buddy     
DNF82DMemphis DingusSUZB: 4-6   00/0
DNF80AChase DaltonC: 7-8   00/0
DNF78DWeston WallaceHONB: 4-6   00/0
DNF78BLuke FisherKTMC: 7-8   00/0

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