AMA District 37 Desert Pre-Entry

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDatePre-Entry
54Aces Hare and HoundSpangler Hills 02/26/2024Pre-Entry Open
6HBMC Daul Euro - SaturdaySlash X 03/09/2024Pre-Entry Not Set Up
7HBMC Daul Euro - SundaySlash X 03/10/2024Pre-Entry Not Set Up
8Rovers/Invaders Hare and HoundSpangler Hills 03/17/2024Pre-Entry Not Set Up
9Dirt Diggers - Course ASpangler Hiils 03/24/2024Pre-Entry Not Set Up
10Dirt Diggers - Course BSpangler Hills 03/24/2024Pre-Entry Not Set Up
11SoCal Hare and HoundJohnson Valley 04/14/2024Pre-Entry Not Set Up
12Vikings Sprint EnduroJohnson Valley 04/20/2024Pre-Entry Not Set Up
13Badgers Daul Euro - Course ASpangler Hills 05/04/2024Pre-Entry Not Set Up
14Badgers Daul Euro - Course BSpangler Hills 05/04/2024Pre-Entry Not Set Up
15Viewfinders Sprint EnduroSpangler Hills 05/18/2024Pre-Entry Not Set Up
16Checkers Daul Euro - Course AJohnson Valley 05/25/2024Pre-Entry Not Set Up
17Checkers Daul Euro - Course BJohnson Valley 05/25/2024Pre-Entry Not Set Up
18Ruts Daul Euro - SaturdayJohnson Valley 06/01/2024Pre-Entry Not Set Up
19Ruts Daul Euro - SundayJohnson Valley 06/02/2024Pre-Entry Not Set Up
20Desert MC Night Team RaceSpangler Hills 06/22/2024Pre-Entry Not Set Up
21Lost Angels Night Team RaceSpangler Hills 07/20/2024Pre-Entry Not Set Up
22Prairie Dogs Night Team RaceGlen Helen 08/17/2024Pre-Entry Not Set Up
23Riders Helping Riders Sprint EnduroSpangler Hills 10/05/2024Pre-Entry Not Set Up
24Sharmrocks Daul Euro - Course ASpangler Hills 10/12/2024Pre-Entry Not Set Up
25Shamrocks Daul Euro - Course BSpamgler Hills 10/12/2024Pre-Entry Not Set Up
26100's Hare and HoundJohnson Valley 10/20/2024Pre-Entry Not Set Up
27Hilltoppers/JackRabbits Sprint EnduroJohnson Valley 11/02/2024Pre-Entry Not Set Up

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