Oklahoma Cross Country Racing Association

Oklahoma Cross Country Racing Association

2024 Race Results

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDate Results
1Double G RanchAgawam 03/02/2024 RESULTS
2River Bend RanchCleveland 03/16/2024 RESULTS
3Gearhart RanchSasakwa 04/06/2024 RESULTS
4Danitek TNTRush Springs 05/25/2024
5MacombMacomb 05/18/2024 RESULTS
6Fredrick LakeFredrick 06/01/2024 RESULTS
7WanetteWanette 06/22/2024 RESULTS
8Big Fox RanchCameron 08/24/2024
9Stroud LakeStroud 09/07/2024
10Fouled BoreNinnekah 09/21/2024
11Walnut GroveAda 10/05/2024
12Fry LakeSeminole 10/19/2024

2023 Race Results

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDate Results
1Part Land & CattleCache, OK 02/18/2023 RESULTS
2Danitek Track & TrailRush Springs, OK 03/04/2023 RESULTS
3RiverBend RanchCleveland, OK 03/18/2023 RESULTS
4111 RanchMaramec, OK 04/01/2023 RESULTS
5Part Land & Cattle IICache, OK 04/15/2023 RESULTS
6Make Promises HappenGuthrie, OK 05/06/2023 RESULTS
7Walnut GroveAda, OK 05/20/2023 RESULTS
8Stroud LakeStroud, OK 08/26/2023 RESULTS
9Williams RanchSkiatook, OK 09/09/2023 RESULTS
10Rockin A FarmMacomb, OK 09/30/2023 RESULTS
11Battle of the BadlandsVici, OK 10/14/2023 RESULTS
12Red Rock XCHinton, OK 10/28/2023 RESULTS

2022 Race Results

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDate Results
1Fry LakeSeminole, OK 02/19/2022 RESULTS
2Walnut GroveAda, OK 03/05/2022 RESULTS
3RiverBend RanchCleveland, OK 03/19/2022 RESULTS
4111 RanchMaramec, OK 04/02/2022 RESULTS
5Williams RanchSkiatook, OK 04/23/2022 RESULTS
6Make Promises HappenGuthrie, OK 05/14/2022 RESULTS
7Battle with the CattleCache, OK 06/04/2022 RESULTS
8BFE OffroadCameron, OK 09/03/2022 RESULTS
9Stroud LakeStroud, OK 09/17/2022 RESULTS
10Danitek Track and TrailRush Springs, OK 10/01/2022 RESULTS
11Dry Creek RanchComanche, OK 10/15/2022 RESULTS
12Red Rock XCHinton, OK 10/29/2022 RESULTS

2021 Race Results

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDate Results
1Red Rock XCHinton, OKokcstorage.com and Altus Motorsports02/27/2021 RESULTS
2Battle with the CattleCache, OKOverstreet/Son Constr. and Lawton Motorsports03/13/2021 RESULTS
3Crosstimbers ORVOklahoma City, OKR.S. Fuel and Performance HVAC03/27/2021 RESULTS
4BOB Rock CreekBooneville, AR 04/10/2021 RESULTS
5BOB Williams RanchSkiatook, OK3S Team and Tulsa Powersports04/24/2021 RESULTS
6Make Promises HappenGuthrie, OKAjax Motorsports and Blue Water Divers05/15/2021 RESULTS
7Red Rock XC2Hinton, OKShawnee Honda and High Noon Lubricants (Amsoil)06/12/2021 RESULTS
8Stroud Lake XCStroud,OKShawnee Honda and R.S. Fuel08/21/2021 RESULTS
9Big Fox RunCameron, OKPink Zebra and Cross 7 Veterinary Clinic09/04/2021 RESULTS
10Lake Murray State ParkArdmore, OKGit R Done Trucking and Cannon Racecraft09/18/2021 RESULTS
11River Bend RanchCleveland, OKStillwater Powersports and RamJack10/02/2021 RESULTS
12Walnut GroveAda, OKBrown Oil Tools and Shawnee Honda10/16/2021 RESULTS

2020 Race Results

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDate Results
1Strother XCSeminole, OKEasy Lay Liners, Inc.02/29/2020 RESULTS
2Gruber ORV XCBraggs, OkRam Jack06/13/2020 RESULTS
3Baldwin RanchIndiahoma, OKAjax Motorsports05/16/2020 RESULTS
4Williams RanchSkiatook, OK3S Team05/30/2020 RESULTS
5Make Promises HappenGuthrie, OKBlueWater Divers05/02/2020 RESULTS
6Crosstimbers ORVLake Stanley DraperLawton Motorsports and ServiceMaster Restore10/17/2020 RESULTS
7Fry LakeSeminole, OKCannon Racecraft, Inc.06/20/2020 RESULTS
8Stroud Lake XCStroud OKShawnee Honda and Oklahoma Central Credit Union08/22/2020 RESULTS
9Big Fox RunCameron, OKBrown Oil Tool09/12/2020 RESULTS
10Lake Murray State ParkArdmore, OKAltus Motorsports09/19/2020 RESULTS
11Battle with the CattleCache, OKOverstreet Const/ Altus Factory Racing Dev.10/03/2020 RESULTS
12Red Rock XCHinton, OKLampton Welding Supply and Altus Motorsports10/24/2020 RESULTS

2019 Race Results

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDate Results
1Fry LakeSeminole, OKAjax Kawasaki06/30/2019 RESULTS
2Red Rock XCHinton, OKBrown Oil and Tool03/16/2019 RESULTS
3Gruber ORVBraggsBluewater Divers03/30/2019 RESULTS
4Rush SpringsRush Springs, OKServiceMaster Pro by EagleEye04/13/2019 RESULTS
5Baldwin RanchIndiahoma, OKCannon Racecraft04/27/2019 RESULTS
6Williams RanchSkiatook, OK3S Team05/18/2019 RESULTS
7Williams Ranch II--Return to GoobervilleSand SpringsLampton Welding10/19/2019 RESULTS
8Red Rock XC IIHinton, OKShawnee Honda06/02/2019 RESULTS
9Stroud LakeStroud, OKEasy Lay Liners, Inc.10/13/2019 RESULTS
10Big Fox RunCameron, OKLabat Custom Creations09/07/2019 RESULTS
11DiscoverylandSand SpringsRamJack09/20/2019 RESULTS
12Fry Lake IISeminole, OKPerformance HVAC10/05/2019 RESULTS

2018 Race Results

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDate Results
1Wild West ShootoutWoodward, OKMike's Dirtbike Suspension03/10/2018 RESULTS
2Fry LakeSeminole, OKAjax Motorsports03/24/2018 RESULTS
3Pleasant Valley FarmsSand Springs, OKCentral Plains Cement Co06/09/2018 RESULTS
4Rush SpringsRush Springs, OKTechnique Pro LLC04/21/2018 RESULTS
5Baldwin RanchIndiahoma, OKBrown Oil Tool05/05/2018 RESULTS
6DiscoverylandSand Springs, OKRam Jack05/19/2018 RESULTS
7Williams RanchSkiatook, OK3S Team - Safety Service Satisfaction06/02/2018 RESULTS
8Red Rock XCHinton, OKKerri Helm - Realtor08/25/2018 RESULTS
9Big Fox RunCameron, OKBrown Oil Tool & Service Master by Eagle-Eye09/07/2018 RESULTS
10Gruber ORVCamp Gruber, OKBluewater Divers09/22/2018 RESULTS
11HOTT XCHenryetta, OKSeth Wadley Auto Group10/06/2018 RESULTS
12Fry Lake IILexington, OKPerformance HVAC10/20/2018 RESULTS

2017 Race Results

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDate Results
1Williams Ranch XCSkiatook, OKSprinkler Works03/11/2017 RESULTS
2Buckhorn XC 1Ada, OKBrown Oil Tool03/25/2017 RESULTS
3Wild West ShootoutWoodward, OKMike's Dirtbike Suspension04/08/2017 RESULTS
4HOTT XCHenryetta, OKRam Jack04/22/2017 RESULTS
5Rush Springs XCRush Springs, OKDel City Oklahoma Honda/Suzuki05/06/2017 RESULTS
6Wilson's Dirt ParkWeatherford, OKROKK Excavation/Sitework05/20/2017 RESULTS
7Lone Tree XC Benefit RaceMorris, OKBluewater Divers06/03/2017 RESULTS
8Big Fox RunCameron, OKBrown Oil Tool09/02/2017 RESULTS
9Baldwin RanchIndiahoma, OK3S Team - Safety Service Satisfaction09/16/2017 RESULTS
10Fry Lake XCSeminole, OKAjax Motorsports, OKC09/30/2017 RESULTS
11DiscoverylandSand Springs, OKRam Jack10/14/2017 RESULTS
12Sundog TrailsLexington, OKInnovative Comfort Solutions10/28/2017 RESULTS

2016 Race Results

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDate Results
1CrosstimbersLake Draper, OK 03/05/2016 RESULTS
2Williams RanchSkiatook, OK 03/19/2016 RESULTS
3Terbush RanchWoodward, OK 04/02/2016 RESULTS
4Henryetta OffroadHenryetta, OK 04/16/2016 RESULTS
5Make Promises HappenGuthrie, OK 04/30/2016 RESULTS
6Arbuckle Offroad ParkMill Creek, OK 05/14/2016 RESULTS
7Lone Tree Ranch  06/04/2016 RESULTS
8Lafferty MotorsportsElgin, OK 06/18/2016 RESULTS
9Gruber ORVBraggs, OK 09/03/2016 RESULTS
10Cross Bar RanchDavis, OK 09/17/2016 RESULTS
11Fry LakeSeminole, OK 10/01/2016 RESULTS
12Buckhorn Track & TrailAda, OK 10/10/2016 RESULTS

2015 Race Results

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDate Results
1Fry LakeSeminole, OK 06/27/2015 RESULTS
2Redlined ATVMeeker, OK 03/14/2015 RESULTS
3Terbush RanchWoodward, OK 03/28/2015 RESULTS
4Sundog TrailsLexington, OK 04/11/2015 RESULTS
5Make Promises HappenGuthrie, OK 04/25/2015 RESULTS
6Lone Tree RanchMorris, OK 06/20/2015 RESULTS
7Williams RanchSkiatook, OK 06/13/2015 RESULTS
8Lafferty MotorsportsElgin, OK 07/11/2015 RESULTS
9Cross Bar RanchDavis, OK 08/29/2015 RESULTS
10Cowboys With ToysTalihina, OK 09/12/2015 RESULTS
11Buckhorn ATVAda, OK 09/26/2015 RESULTS
12Reynard RacewayWellston, OK 10/10/2015 RESULTS

2014 Race Results

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDate Results
1KonawaKonawa, OK 03/01/2014 RESULTS
2Reynard RacewayWelston, OK 03/15/2014 RESULTS
3TalihinaTalihina, OK 03/29/2014 RESULTS
4Redlined ATVMeeker, OK 04/12/2014 RESULTS
5MPH Charity RaceGuthrie, OK 04/26/2014 RESULTS
6Cross Bar RanchDavis, OK 05/17/2014 RESULTS
7Sundog TrailsLexington, OK 05/31/2014 RESULTS
8Red River / TORNBulcher, TX 06/21/2014 RESULTS
9WoodwardWoodward, OK 08/30/2014 RESULTS
10Fry LakeSeminole, OK 09/13/2014 RESULTS
11MorrisMorris, OK 09/27/2014 RESULTS
12Buckhorn ATV (Ada)Ada, OK 10/11/2014 RESULTS

2013 Race Results

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDate Results
1WoodwardWoodward, OKJewelry Station10/26/2013 RESULTS
2CrosstimbersOklahoma City, OKMaxey's Cycle, Okie Dirt Riders03/16/2013 RESULTS
3KonawaKonawa, OK 04/06/2013 RESULTS
4SkiatookSkiatook, OKHonda of Tulsa04/20/2013 RESULTS
5Make Promises HappenGuthrie, OKMaxey's Cycle05/04/2013 RESULTS
6RAW MXGeary, OK 05/18/2013 RESULTS
7Fry LakeSeminole, OK 06/01/2013 RESULTS
8Red River Motorcycle TrailsBulcher, TXTORN06/15/2013 RESULTS
9Reynard RacewayWellston, OK 08/31/2013 RESULTS
10Cross Bar RanchDavis, OK 09/14/2013 RESULTS
11AdaAda, OK 09/28/2013 RESULTS
12Redlined ATVMeeker, OK 10/12/2013 RESULTS

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