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Rocky Mountain Enduro Circuit

2018 Race Results

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDate Results
1Lone Star Enduro 1Kalgary, Tx 03/03/2018 RESULTS
2Lone Star Enduro 2Kalgary, Tx 03/04/2018 RESULTS
3Caprock Enduro 1Turkey, Tx 03/24/2018 RESULTS
4Caprock Enduro 2Turkey, Tx 03/25/2018 RESULTS
5Farmington DunesFarmington, NM 04/08/2018
6Hard Rock EnduroCanon City, CO 06/10/2018 RESULTS
7Shady Burro PerrypaloosaSouth Fork, CO 08/11/2018 RESULTS
8Shady Burro AldernationSouth Fork, CO 08/12/2018 RESULTS
9Webe Monte VistaMonte Vista, COWebe09/02/2018 RESULTS
10Chimney RockUtahSage Riders09/15/2018 RESULTS
11Inyan Kara EnduroUpton, WY 09/30/2018 RESULTS
12Boondockers Enduro 2Matador, Tx 10/28/2018 RESULTS
13RMEC BoardLamar Street Center 11/17/2018

2017 Race Results

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDate Results
1Wickenburg EnduroWickenburg, Az 01/29/2017 RESULTS
2Lone Star Enduro 1Kalgary, Tx 03/04/2017 RESULTS
3Lone Star Enduro 2Kalgary, Tx 03/05/2017 RESULTS
4Caprock Enduro 1Turkey, Tx 03/25/2017 RESULTS
5Caprock Enduro 2Turkey, Tx 03/26/2017 RESULTS
6Farmington DunesFarmington, NM 04/01/2017 RESULTS
7Moto Adventure Enduro at Two RiversMilliken, COMoto Adventure05/07/2017 RESULTS
8Hard Rock EnduroCannon City, CO 06/11/2017 RESULTS
9San Isabel EnduroPueblo, CO 07/30/2017 RESULTS
10Shady Burro 1South Fork, CO 08/13/2017 RESULTS
11Shady Burro 2South Fork, CO 08/14/2017 RESULTS
13Webe Espanola EnduroEspanola, NMWebe09/23/2017 RESULTS
15Inyan KaraUpton, Wy 10/08/2017 RESULTS
16Boondockers Enduro 1Matador, Tx 11/04/2017 RESULTS
17Boondockers Enduro 2Matador, Tx 11/05/2017 RESULTS
18RMEC Board  07/23/2017 RESULTS

2016 Race Results

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDate Results
1Lone Star 1Kalgary, TXLubbock Trail Riders03/05/2016 RESULTS
2Lone Star 2Kalgary, TXLubbock Trail Riders03/06/2016 RESULTS
3Caprock CanyonTurkey, TXPost Enduro Association03/20/2016 RESULTS
4WEBE DunesFarmington, NMWeBe Racing04/09/2016 RESULTS
5Hard RockCanyon City 08/07/2016 RESULTS
6Mano de DiabloFountain, COEracer Productions05/21/2016 RESULTS
7Inyan KaraUpton, WYInyan Kara Riders06/26/2016 RESULTS
8Shady Burro 1South Fork, CO 07/23/2016 RESULTS
9Shady Burro 2South Fork, CO 07/24/2016 RESULTS
11Snakebite EnduroGrand Junction, CO 09/11/2016 RESULTS
12WEBE EspanolaExpanola, NMWeBe Racing09/24/2016 RESULTS
14BoondockersMatador, TXWest Texas Boondockers11/06/2016 RESULTS
15RMEC Board  11/07/2016

2015 Race Results

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDate Results
1Lone Star (Saturday)Kalgary, TXLubbock Trail Riders02/21/2015 RESULTS
2Lone Star (Sunday)Kalgary, TXLubbock Trail Riders02/22/2015 RESULTS
3Caprock CanyonTurkey, TXPost Enduro Association03/08/2015 RESULTS
4WEBE DunesFarmington, NMWeBe Racing04/11/2015 RESULTS
5Mano de DiabloFountain, COEracer Productions04/26/2015 RESULTS
6Snake BiteGrand Junction, COBookcliff Rattlers05/03/2015 RESULTS
7MotoAdventure EnduroKimball,NEMotoAdventure05/17/2015 RESULTS
8Inyan Kara (AMA National)Upton, WYInyan Kara Riders06/14/2015 RESULTS
10WEBE EspanolaExpanola, NMWeBe Racing09/26/2015 RESULTS
11Chimney RockGreen River, UTSage Riders Motorcycle Club10/03/2015 RESULTS
12Boondockers (Saturday)Matador, TXWest Texas Boondockers10/31/2015 RESULTS
13Boondockers (Sunday)Matador, TXWest Texas Boondockers11/01/2015 RESULTS
14RMEC Board  11/01/2015

2014 Race Results

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDate Results
1Lone Star SaturdayKalgary, TXLubbock Trail Riders02/22/2014 RESULTS
2Lone Star Enduro SundayKalgary, TXLubbock Trail Riders02/23/2014 RESULTS
3Caprock CanyonQuitaque, TXPost Enduro Association03/09/2014 RESULTS
4WEBE DunesFarmington, NMWeBe Racing04/05/2014 RESULTS
5Pine RidgeChadron, NECANCELLED04/27/2014
6Inyan KaraUpton, WY 06/15/2014 RESULTS
7Enduro X ScramblesColorado Springs, COCORCS07/13/2014 RESULTS
8Snow Shoe National EnduroGrand Junction, CONEPG08/10/2014 RESULTS
9Mile HighCloudcroft, NMCANCELLED09/14/2014
10Chimney RockGreen River, UT 09/20/2014 RESULTS
11WEBE EspanolaExpanola, NMWeBe Racing09/27/2014 RESULTS
12BoondockersMatador, TXWest Texas Boondockers10/26/2014 RESULTS
13RMEC Board  02/21/2014 RESULTS

2013 Race Results

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDate Results
1Lone Star SaturdayFluvana, TXLubbock Trail Riders02/23/2013 RESULTS
2Lone Star Enduro SundayFluvana, TXLubbock Trail Riders02/24/2013 RESULTS
3Caprock CanyonQuitaque, TX 03/10/2013 RESULTS
4WEBE FarmingtonFarmington, NM 04/06/2013 RESULTS
5Snakebite ClassicGrand Junction, COBookcliff Rattlers04/21/2013 RESULTS
6Pine RidgeChadron, NE 04/28/2013
7JackrabbitBennett, CO 06/02/2013 RESULTS
8Inyan KaraUpton, WY 06/16/2013 RESULTS
9Enduro X ScramblesColorado Springs, CO 07/07/2013 RESULTS
10Snow ShoeGrand Junction, CO 08/04/2013 RESULTS
11WEBE EspanolaExpanola, NM 09/28/2013 RESULTS
12Boondockers SaturdayMatador, TXWest Texas Boondockers10/26/2013 RESULTS
13Boondockers SundayMatador, TXWest Texas Boondockers10/27/2013 RESULTS

2012 Race Results

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDate Results
1Snakebite Classic EnduroGrand Junction, COBookcliff Rattlers MC04/01/2012 RESULTS
7Spanish Peaks Junior RaceTrinidadFrametwisters M/C10/06/2012 RESULTS
8Spanish Peaks EnduroTrinidad, COFrametwisters MC10/07/2012 RESULTS

2011 Race Results

Race#Event NameLocationSponsors/ClubDate Results
1Snowshoe EnduroGrand Junction, CO 08/07/2011 RESULTS

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