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2020 Membership Registration

Message from Series: 

Welcome to the ECEA Enduro Series Membership Registration System!

This is where you can belong to the very best enduro series in the USA!

ECEA Enduro Series Membership Cards will be good for the 2020 calendar year and will expire on December 31, 2020.

All riders must purchase an ECEA Enduro Series membership.

NEW for 2020 - Club membership is now a requirement for year-end awards for ALL Enduro Series riders - including C riders. We have 20 clubs to choose from - find one that is close to you and get involved BEFORE Greenbrier Enduro (the first enduro of 2020). Make sure that your name appears on your new club’s member roster and also appears in the ECEA Meeting Minutes!

This Enduro Series card is neither an “Associate” nor a "Club" membership and does not apply to the Hare Scrambles Series.

Statement of Responsibility for ECEA Enduro Events:

You will be voluntarily entering AMA/ECEA sanctioned events. An AMA/ECEA sanction indicates that the events are listed in the Associations official calendar and that AMA/ECEA rules for competition may be used as a guideline. It does not indicate that the course has been inspected or approved by these Associations, nor does it indicate that the officials have been trained or accredited by these Associations, nor does it indicate that any AMA/ECEA authority or the promoter has warranted your safety.

Motorsports are inherently dangerous. You should take part in these events based on your own assessment of your abilities. Enduro routes may traverse public and private lands, and public roads, and the promoter is not responsible for their condition or for the actions of other individuals using private and public lands and roads. You are responsible for the quality and condition of your motorcycle and protective apparel. You are urged to wear as much protective apparel as possible. The promoter does not provide medical insurance coverage. We urge you not to compete in motor sports without adequate medical insurance coverage.

By purchasing this membership card, you agree that you have read and understand the above statement.

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