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2023 Bike# Request

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Welcome to the 2023 AMA US Hard Enduro Championship season!
The official AMA East and West Regional Extreme Off-Road Championship.

You will request your yearly riding number NOW.
The top 10 for each class will only go to those who earned the numbers in the 2022 season. You can look HERE (click) for last years and current assigned numbers.

YOU MUST HAVE a CURRENT AMA NUMBER to Proceed. Go HERE to get or Renew AMA

Step 1: Search for yourself using your AMA number or First Name/ Last name.

if you raced with us in 2022 you SHOULD be in there.. but if you do not come up in your search select "ADD NEW RIDER" - the link will appear after you have searched at the bottom.

Step 2: Update your rider information, emergency contact, class etc..

Step 3: request 3 numbers - First choice, Second Choice, Third Choice. Numbers will be assigned on a first request basis.

READ ... When selecting your class make sure you are entered in the same class you participate in other off-road racing series in. If you are B in Hare Scramble you are B in US Hard Enduro. If you are A in Enduro you are A in US Hard Enduro etc.

Step 4: SUBMIT. You will receive an email when it has been approved. Please be patient as the numbers are approved Manually.

ONCE APPROVED You can Continue with Online Registration for Event.. WAIT for APPROVAL EMAIL..

Rider Search
Use any combination of the following search terms to find a rider:
Tip: Try just the first few letters of your first and last name.
AMA# First Name: Last Name:

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