AMA District 37 Desert

2024 Membership Registration

Message from Series: 

Welcome to the online D37 Desert License Application!

It is recommended that you search for yourself using the first few letters of your first and last name (not Bike#).

If you have already applied for at least one D37 License this year, then use Promo Code "SECOND" to receive your license at the discounted price (subject to verification).

If you are a #1 plate holder (FOR DESERT ONLY) or District Officer use the promo code "FREE" and you will only be charged for the transaction fee, postage and the envelope.

If you don't have an earned number from last year, you may request one for the new year.

NOTE: If you are a minor you will need to have a COLOR copy of your AMA Annual Release on file with your steward before a card can be issued!

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Use any combination of the following search terms to find a rider:
Tip: Try just the first few letters of your first and last name.
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