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2024 Membership Registration

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Welcome to the VIHSS "C" Class Series Registration!

*****New for 2024*****
We will be offering weekend race licenses this year. Cost will be $15, along with the event entry fee. Anyone that will only race 1 or 2 races in 2024 may purchase these licenses. Online pre entry will be done through the VIDRA website.
Get a Weekend Membership
Day license holders will not receive series points for races attended. If you wish to compete for series points, please become a season member.

This entry will function as your race license for the year. Here you will select your bike number according to class. Numbers will be assigned on a first come first served basis. Please select a 2 digit number to follow the class designation. (Your number will replace the "xx" in the examples below)

Click the link below to see what numbers have been assigned
Bike Numbers

Class numbers are as follows
1xx Kid Expert
2xx Women Beginner
3xx Kid Intermediate
4xx Kid Beginner
5xx Junior Girls
6xx PeeWee Expert
7xx PeeWee Intermediate
8xx PeeWee Beginner

******NOTE FOR FIRST TIME ENTIRES********** You will have to search you name in the search field below. After the search you will be given the option to Add New Rider under the search field.

For a description of the class breakdown follow the link below
Race Classes

New racers will receive 1 helmet transponder with this payment. During the season if the transponder is lost or broken, replacements will cost $10

Online race registration will be completed as they become available to do so.

Waivers are now online and only have to be signed once for the season. Use the link below to do so. (waiver will open in a seperate window)
Sign the Waiver

Our team will have to review and confirm series registration submissions before you will be able to register for a race. We will do our best to do this on a daily basis.

If you are not able to pay by PayPal or credit card via PayPal, select the Mail in feature, and we will accept an E transfer. E Transfers to

Registration questions? E-mail us

Rider Search
Use any combination of the following search terms to find a rider:
Tip: Try just the first few letters of your first and last name.
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