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MotoTally LF Antennas

MotoTally LF Antennas

* Note: These antennas are for Low Frequency (LF) RFID readers and are considered "legacy" (still supported, but not recommended for new implementations).

Recommended mounting location for the newer UHF RFID system is similar to the "Credit Card" style setup for the LF RFID system. There is no need to modify the antenna height (for the little kids) with the newer UHF reader/antenna. UHF has superior read range compared to the LF systems.

The antenna used is the same whether you are using the "Credit Card" style or "Cigar" style transponders. What does change, is the manner in which the antenna is mounted. Since the transponders are directional, it is important to set up your antennas with the proper orientation and distance from the transponders they will be reading. MotoTally recommends using 1.5-2" PVC pipe to make your antenna stand. All of these materials are inexpensively obtained from your local home improvement store.

When using "Credit Card" style transponders, you need the antenna to be mounted above the rider. For adult races, you want the antenna to be about 7' off the ground. You won't have any problem picking up the kids on 80cc bikes at this height. For pee wee or youth races (65cc and 50cc), we recommend dropping the antenna down a few feet just to be sure you get good read rates. As you can see from the photo to the right, this can be fairly easy to do. The way this stand is set up, you put a couple of "T" posts in the ground, slide some 2" PVC down over them to get your verticals. Then use a rubber coupler with hose clamps to hold your horizontal antenna assembly in place.

When using "Cigar" style transponders, you need the antenna to be mounted next to the rider. This setup tends to be a little more portable as you don't need "T" posts. This antenna stand is actually two pieces, even though you can't tell from the picture. The vertical part of the antenna is removable from the base for easy transport and storage. The read distance on the "Cigar" style transponders is around 8-10', but we recommend that you keep the rider as close to the antenna as possible. A 5' wide scoring lane usually works great.

Antenna Setup when using "Credit Card" Style Transponder

Antenna Setup Using Credit Card Style Transponder
Nick Fahringer crossing the finish line at an OMA Winter National

Antenna Setup when using "Cigar" Style Transponder

Antenna Setup Using Cigar Style Transponder
The finish of a special test at the Idaho City 100 ISDE Qualifier

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