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MotoTally's Goal:

To provide the BEST software, service, and support to help YOU be successful at scoring your races and maintaining your series membership and points.


Promoters, please contact me with any questions about getting MotoTally for your series or club! If you could please give me some information about your series/club, the types of races you need to score, and approximately how many racers you have at each event, it will be much easier for me to provide you with more detailed information and/or recommendations.


I cannot answer questions about your race results, points standings, pre-entry, or series registration. You need to contact your series or club, not me!

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Brian having FUN!

About 'The Dude' Behind MotoTally:
  • Name: Brian Jahelka
  • Vintage: 1971
  • Location: Kansas City Area
  • Ride: KTM 300 XCW
  • Races: Black Jack Enduro Circuit and Forward Motion Hare Scramble Circuit
  • Class: AA Regional and Local, A Open/Vet National
  • Sponsors: Moose Racing, Enduro Engineering, Letko Cycles, Scott USA, Dunlop Tires

Brian's first ride on a "motorcycle" was on a Coleman minibike. With a father who was an avid motorcyclist, it was only natural that the first ride turn into bigger things. Soon after the Coleman minibike was a Suzuki DS80. With dad on a Suzuki PE175, they started hitting Black Jack Enduros in the early 80's. Brian was always small for his age and didn't win much in those age classes, but dad picked up the slack starting as a mid pack C rider, and turning into a threat to win the A Overall on his KDX 200 in every event he raced. Brian grew into an RM80 and started winning events in the C125 class in the mid to late 80s.

Soon after the "glory days", it was time for Brian to go to college, which meant giving up dirt bikes due to time and money constraints. Brian attended the University of Kansas and earned his BS in Civil Engineering. He joined the work force and then continued on with his studies, nearly earning enough credits for an MS in Water Resources Engineering. It was around this time when Brian realized his true calling was writing software (he should have known that after his first Commodore VIC-20!).

Fresh out of college, Brian went to work for the Kansas Department of Transportation, where he worked in the Bridge Management Section. Here he spent lots of time creating database driven windows and web applications. Among them were a bridge scour analysis application, an overload and superload (over weight/size truck) routing and permitting program, and a construction/maintenance application that tracked road closings and maintenance operations around the state and made that information available to the public. Some of the programs he wrote over 10 years ago are still in use to this day! Brian left the KDOT to work for a small civil engineering firm that some of his friends from college had started. There he was the IT Division Manager where he set up and maintained the company's servers, network, email and website. He also wrote applications for internal use, and for clients of the company. In the mid to late '90s, Brian teamed up with his roommate, and designed, programmed and built a portable MP3 player. This was long before most people knew what an MP3 was, and certainly long before there was such a thing as an iPod!

For several years after college, Brian spent most of his free time on the lake wakeboarding. In 2002, he returned to dirt bikes and the Black Jack Enduro Circuit. While excited to be back, he was disappointed about the fact that it usually took weeks to get results and standings posted on the web. Having plenty of experience with database driven windows and web applications, he started writing an application to make the whole process much easier and faster. Originally having no intention of doing anything more than helping out his own circuit, Brian grew weary of being badgered to make his software available to other circuits. So in 2005, Brian decided to re-write the software from the ground up, with the purpose of transforming it into an application that was flexible and user friendly enough for the masses, and MotoTally was born. Brian has since quit a perfectly good day job to devote most of his time to the support and continuing development of MotoTally.

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